U-M Health house officers ratify contract with university


The University of Michigan House Officers Association has overwhelmingly ratified a four-year agreement with the Board of Regents and Michigan Medicine.

“We thank both bargaining teams for their diligent efforts and commitment to reaching an agreement on a competitive compensation package for our house officers,” said Marshall Runge, CEO of Michigan Medicine, dean of the Medical School and executive vice president of medical affairs.

The house officers, qualified doctors who have attained their medical degrees and are practicing under supervision in a hospital, are employed by U-M Health, the clinical division of Michigan Medicine, U-M’s academic medical center.

“Negotiations are never easy, as the parties have different stakes and equities. However, both the Michigan Medicine administration and the HOA bargaining team were able to find common ground and address each other’s needs to the fullest extent possible,” said Robin Tarter, executive director of the House Officers Association.

The new contract, which takes effect July 1, increases the starting salary of Level 1 house officers, keeps all house officers in the 75th percentile or above compared with other academic medical centers, and extends the contract from the previous three-year time frame to four years.

It raises the starting salary of first-year house officers to $70,000 and includes salary increases of 3.25 percent during years 2-4.

Historically, U-M house officers are among the top medical school graduates in the country.

“House officers are exemplary and highly valued members of our community who provide outstanding care for our patients every day. We are grateful for their dedication to our institution throughout their post-graduate education,” said U-M Health President David Miller. “This new contract is an expression of how crucial our house officers are to achieving our mission of advancing health to serve Michigan and the world.”

“The HOA bargaining team and hospital administration demonstrated tremendous teamwork to come to an agreement that would meet the needs of our members,” said outgoing HOA president Kyle Johnson. “This agreement demonstrates both parties’ commitment to recruit and support top-tier house officers who provide world class care to the patients at the University of Michigan.”



  1. Charles Koopmann
    on June 21, 2023 at 10:44 am

    If the UofM really means “Leaders and Best” then 75 percent is not good enough. We should be at 90 or better in house office and faculty salaries. We are there in athletics.

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