Multimedia Features

  1. May 19, 2022

    Campus culture

    A recording of the May 16 community assembly on U-M campus culture and values is now available. The session, “Restoring Trust and Building for the Future,” featured university leaders including President Mary Sue Coleman and members of the Culture Change Values Identification Working Group. In this video, they describe how community input is shaping work to strengthen university culture and identify a set of unifying shared values.

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  2. May 18, 2022

    2022 Road Scholars Tour

    Group photo of 2022 Road Scholars

    The annual Michigan Road Scholars Tour resumed this year after a two-year pause during the COVID-19 pandemic. From May 2-6, faculty members from the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses toured the state, heard directly from community members and discussed a wide range of topics. Stops included Lansing, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Traverse City, Pellston, Sault Ste. Marie, Brimley, Midland, Warren and Detroit.

    The 2022 Road Scholars, pictured on the Capitol steps in Lansing, are: front row, from left, Kristi Thomas, LaSonia Forté; second row, Rodney Vergotine, Lawrence Seiford, Wendy Tremaine, Antonios Koumpias, Ambrielle Stoltz-Bango; third row, Randal Singer, Brendan Nieubuurt, Cyril Grum, Michela Arnaboldi, Gabriela Marcu, Prakash Sathe, Paul Reingold; fourth row, Folafoluwa Odetola, Heidi Buchele, Nicole Appleberry. (Photo by Dana Sitzler)

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  3. May 16, 2022

    Amplifying history

    In 2016, Patricia Hall, professor of music theory at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and returned with copies of a manuscript of music that had arranged by Polish political prisoners in the Auschwitz I men’s orchestra during World War II. An ensemble of undergraduate and graduate students will perform the pieces in concerts throughout May. In this video, Hall describes how the project came about. (Warning: This video contains topics that some viewers may find disturbing, including anti-Semitic and racist imagery.)

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  4. May 14, 2022

    Watch Zelenskyy and higher-ed leaders

    U-M faculty, staff and students are invited to watch as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy meets virtually with U.S. higher-education leaders, including President Mary Sue Coleman, at 11 a.m. May 16. Zelenskyy will discuss how America’s leading research universities can work with Ukrainian officials and educators to help rebuild and transform his country’s decimated higher education sector.

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  5. May 13, 2022

    Glimpsing a black hole

    This is the first image of Sagittarius A* (or Sgr A* for short), the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It’s the first direct visual evidence of the presence of this black hole. U-M associate research scientist Mark Reynolds was part of a global team that worked to unveil the stunning image. (Photo courtesy of EHT Collaboration)

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  6. May 10, 2022

    Superhero surprise

    Photo of Batman washing windows

    Batman, Captain America and Iron Man were spotted scaling down the side of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital recently. The hospital’s window washers dressed as superheroes and surprised the young patients who smiled, cheered and waved at the familiar faces outside their hospital rooms. The visitors were part of the hospital’s celebration for national Superhero Day, which included a variety of superhero-themed fun. (Photo by Chris Hedly)

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  7. May 7, 2022

    Comeback Commencement

    Photo of Na’kia Channey and Daijha Morrow

    Class of 2020 graduates Na’kia Channey and Daijha Morrow wave to the Michigan Stadium crowd from in front of the speaker’s podium at the Comeback Commencement. Members of recent classes who missed out on their traditional commencement ceremony were invited back for the May 7 ceremony. (Photo by Daryl Marshke, Michigan Photography)

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  8. May 4, 2022

    DEI Leads

    Group photo of DEI Leads

    A critical component of the university’s approach to implementing its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan has been the development of the DEI Implementation Leads Group. While the overall strategic plan provides a framework, the leads carry out the tactical DEI activities in each school, college and unit. In this photo, DEI leads gather in the fall of 2021. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

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  9. May 2, 2022

    Journey to the Big House

    The path to commencement for members of the Class of 2022 was unlike any other, but the experiences that they shared, the community they created, and the friendships they formed make them one of the most dynamic groups of graduates yet. This video by the UMSocial team captures the spirit of their journey.

  10. April 30, 2022

    2022 Spring Commencement

    Collage of photos from Spring Commencement

    Skies were cloudy and the day was windy and cool, but the mood was jubilant on the field of Michigan Stadium as happy graduates celebrated Spring Commencement on April 30. Commencement speaker Maria Shriver urged members of the Class of 2022 to face their fears head on. “To truly know who you are, you cannot hide from yourself,” she said. (Photos by Michigan Photography)

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