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  • Jul 12

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    Because there are fewer events on campus during the summer, the Record is reducing its Coming Events listings until the fall. Please visit Happening @ Michigan for a list of events the weeks of:

    July 7-13 and July 14-20

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“I wanted to pick things that were of historical significance but also things that were inside jokes or favorite haunts of people as well.”

— Bettina Senga, communications manager for the Center for Global Health Equity who is using relief printmaking to illustrate an alphabet book highlighting Ann Arbor’s gems in honor of the city’s 200th birthday this year

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It Happened at Michigan

Carol Hutchins

The winning ways of ‘Hutch’

When the final pitch was delivered in a Michigan softball spring break game against Northern Kentucky in 2022, the Wolverines did far more than record a win in the young season. The 3-0 victory on Feb. 25 against the Norse made coach Carol Hutchins the winningest softball coach in NCAA history with 1,674 wins.

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    • Preeti Malani

    “So much of this is at the molecular level. The clinical difference is minor, if any. It’s important to track these from a public health standpoint, but, to me, this is normal, expected evolution,” said Preeti Malani, professor of medicine, about new coronavirus variants, which are inflicting milder but disruptive illness on most people and posing a greater danger to the medically vulnerable.

    The Washington Post
    • Sam Erman

    “We’re in a period of rapid constitutional change, and that means that we don’t know where they’re headed. It’s a conservative super majority that’s building out a new vision of constitutional law, and we’re watching that unfold. And so I also have to decide what topics to cover,” said Sam Erman, professor of law.  

    The Hill
    • Luke Shaefer

    “For that brief, shining moment, we lifted millions of children out of poverty. … And then we reversed course and weren’t able to extend that past the one year and we saw child poverty spike — the highest one-year increase in history,” said Luke Shaefer, professor of public policy and social work and faculty director of Poverty Solutions, on the pandemic-era expanded Child Tax Credit.

    Detroit Free Press
    • Monica Carvalho

    Research by Mónica Carvalho, assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences and assistant curator at the Museum of Paleontology, suggests the extinction of dinosaurs had an impact on the composition of forests in a way that may have helped facilitate the spread of grapes around the world: “We think that if there were large dinosaurs roaming through the forest, they were likely knocking down trees, effectively maintaining forests more open than they are today.”

    • Rodney Fort

    “It’s difficult to see how Caitlin Clark would sit down and listen to her own players’ association negotiation leadership tell her she (should) put a bunch on the line so she can make a couple of hundred thousand bucks,” said Rodney Fort, professor emeritus of kinesiology, who has doubts about Clark’s potential role in a fight for higher WNBA salaries, considering she has multimillion dollar endorsement deals.

    USA Today