October 15, 2019

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Faculty/Staff Spotlight

“Having English students learn typesetting gives them opportunities to re-encounter language as a physical, visual process.”

Fritz Swanson, lecturer II in the Department of English Language and Literature and founder of Wolverine Press

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This Week in U-M History

Image of War Manpower Mobilization Corps at U-M in 1942

Mobilizing ‘Minutemen’

On Oct. 15, 1942, students volunteered for the War Manpower Mobilization Corps, the “Minutemen of the Campus.” Read about some of the other things that happened in U-M history during the week of Oct. 14-20.

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Michigan in the news

    Research by Jason Goldstick, a research assistant professor of emergency medicine, and colleagues found that the rate at which Americans died from firearm injuries increased by about 14 percent from 2015-17 and that nearly a quarter of all gun-related deaths since 1999 happened in just those three years.

    PBS NewsHour
    • Photo of Justin Heinze

    “We are going to be working directly with individual schools, looking at their unique contexts. So we need all those voices all around the table, all those different voices that will help us implement with the best fidelity,” said Justin Heinze, assistant professor of health behavior and health education, who will co-lead a new national research and training center on school safety at U-M.

    Michigan Radio
    • Photo of Meha Jain

    A team of scientists led by Meha Jain, assistant professor of environment and sustainability, has successfully used data from microsatellites to quantify and enhance yield gains for small farmers in India — a discovery that can help increase food production in a low-cost and sustainable way.

    India TV