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October 25, 2016

Targeting opioid abuse

America's opioid drug epidemic has struck hard in Michigan. But now, a team from U-M — the Michigan Opioid Prescribing Engagement Network, or Michigan-OPEN — is striking back at a key factor: opioid prescriptions for patients before and after surgery. This video explains the factors contributing to the crisis and how Michigan-OPEN aims to combat them.

Many Voices, Our Michigan

On Oct. 6, university leaders introduced U-M's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan through a series of special discussions and events. This video recaps highlights from those events, which launched a plan representing the shared overarching themes and strategies present across 49 individual plans created by U-M's 19 schools and colleges, Student Life, Athletics, the U-M Health System and other administrative units.

Angry Neptune, Salacia and Strider

Located on the east side of Alumni Memorial Hall, these three headless bronze figures are part of the collections of the U-M Museum of Art. They were created by alumna Michele Oka Doner. The Record periodically highlights pieces of public art at U-M. Learn more about this piece, or browse an online collection of public artworks.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

"As a drummer, I can create a composite pattern or groove from three to four separate rhythms all synchronized precisely that ultimately form a whole. I tried to do this with the artwork and music."

Michael Gould, professor of music (percussion) at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Old School


LSA, the University of Michigan's first college, celebrates its 175th anniversary this year. Henry Simmons Frieze became the college's first dean, but not until 1875.

Michigan in the News

"While we don't want to return to a world where a handful of powerful white men held rule over corporate America and by extension the nation, we may benefit from building structures that operate like board ties previously did, acting as a force for compromise and moderation," contends Jerry Davis, professor of management and organizations, and sociology.


Nick Tobier, professor of art and design, and Roland Graf, assistant professor of art and design, plan to transform a section of dilapidated sidewalk in northwest Detroit into into an illuminated track for running, play and exercise.


"Many political observers have assumed that fear — of changing demographics and declining economic conditions — are motivating support for Trump, especially among those with less favorable views of certain groups. But our research suggests that the role of racial prejudice or sexism may be catalyzed more by anger," wrote Nicholas Valentino, professor of communication studies and political science, and graduate students Carly Wayne and Marzia Oceno.

The Washington Post

"It doesn't really make a difference. It won't have any legal standing. In his real estate business he's used to suing people, but that's not going to work in deciding the outcome of an election," said Michael Traugott, professor emeritus of communication studies and political science, on Donald Trump's refusal to say whether he will accept the outcome of the presidential election.

Global News (Canada)

Heather Ann Thompson, professor of Afroamerican and African studies and the Residential College, says that Detroit's abandonment, poverty and decay since the 1960s is due not only to the loss of high-paying industrial jobs and white flight to the suburbs, but also to the rise of aggressive policing in black neighborhoods and laws that vastly increased prison sentences.

Detroit Free Press

"For some families, financial burdens may override a child's interest in pursuing school activities. No school wants cost to be the reason for non-participation," said Sarah Clark, co-director of the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health.