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A photo of Kathy Klinich
“I like to cross things off and complete things, and this was a way to motivate me to get off the couch and walk.”

— Kathy Klinich, research scientist in the Biosciences Group of the U-M Transportation Research Institute who took on and recently completed the ambitious task of walking each street in Ann Arbor at least once

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A photo of Marina Oswald and a man

‘I’m just like everybody else’

Marina Oswald was left widowed when her husband was shot and killed in Dallas in 1963. Just over a year later, she enrolled at U-M for classes at the English Language Institute. Oswald studied alongside some 30 international students in an eight-week course. She left town on Feb. 28, 1965, an alumna of U-M.

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    • Stephen Moss

    From a broader public health perspective, it’s probably a good idea to get both the COVID-19 and flu shots at the same time, said Stephen Moss, researcher in epidemiology: “It cuts down on the number of encounters with the health care system you have to have. It also cuts down on the number of days you feel like crap after the vaccine. So you only have to go through that once rather than twice.”

    • Carolyn Yoon

    When one shops, there’s usually a standoff between the brain’s emotional and rational parts. “The human brain has essentially evolved to feel first and think next,” said Carolyn Yoon, professor of marketing. “The more you spend time thinking and bring your cognitive processes to bear … you have a shot at basically saying, ‘No, I think I’m going to pass,’ even though that wasn’t your first inclination.”

    National Public Radio
    • Thuy Dieu Nguyen

    Research by Thuy Dieu Nguyen, assistant professor of health management and policy, shows that nursing-home employment is 10.5% below its pre-pandemic level, more than triple the rate at hospitals or physician offices: “Workers within nursing homes have less wages compared to other health care sectors. This could be one reason why we see long-term care workers deciding to leave the industry.”