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June 24, 2017

Magic alloy

In what could be a major step forward for a new generation of solar cells called "concentrator photovoltaics," a team of U-M researchers has developed a new semiconductor alloy that can capture the near-infrared light located on the leading edge of the visible light spectrum. In this photo, Jordan Occena, a graduate researcher, and Sunyeol Jeon, a former graduate student researcher, calibrate the apparatus used to spray paint the "magic" chemical cocktail onto blank gallium arsenide wafers. Read more about the development. (Photo by Joseph Xu, College of Engineering)

Remembering the Survival Flight tragedy

Remembering our team lost in life-saving mission

Ten years ago this month, on June 4, 2007, Michigan Medicine suffered a tragic loss of six faculty and staff members, when their Survival Flight plane went down over Lake Michigan during a transplant mission. In this video, Michigan Medicine staff members remember the events of that terrible day, the grief that followed and the importance of continuing such life-saving efforts.

Schlissel at Mackinac

Mackinac Moment: Mark Schlissel | 2017 Mackinac Policy Conference

President Mark Schlissel spoke at the 2017 Mackinac Policy Conference last week. In this video by the Detroit Regional Chamber, the annual conference's sponsor, he discusses U-M graduates who have made an impact on the world through entrepreneurship, the university's mission and the importance of making the world a better place through research and academics.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

"I go from the harshest aspects of the border to the responses of activists, social workers and community members who are trying to do something to make it better."

Sherrie Kossoudji, associate professor of social work and adjunct associate professor of economics, explaining the arc of the trips she takes with her students to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Old School

President Harold T. Shapiro's birthday

Harold T. Shapiro, U-M's 10th president, was born on June 8, 1935, in Montreal. During his presidency, which ran from 1980-87, the "theme of quality over quantity, of 'smaller but better' became the guiding principle" in a period of budget reductions.

Michigan in the News

Kathryn Dominguez, professor of public policy and economics, says the United States is paying close attention to China's fast-rising level of debt, housing bubble and the build-up of risk in the financial system as any stumble by the world's second largest economy would bring a chain reaction globally.

South China Morning Post

Joshua Cole, professor of history, says letting member nations negotiate trade deals separately would run counter to the EU's central raison d'être: "The European Union is about Europe acting as a union. That's what it means. You can't really suggest that it would be better moving forward for countries to negotiate their own deals. If that's the case, the European Union is redundant."

The Washington Post

President Mark Schlissel discussed the Go Blue Guarantee, a new financial aid program that offers free tuition for up to four years for in-state students with family incomes of up to $65,000.

Michigan Radio

The Trump administration's plans to make major cuts to biomedical research programs may pave the way for China to overtake the U.S. as the world leader in scientific research, says Bishr Omary, professor of molecular and integrative physiology, executive vice dean for research at the Medical School, and chief scientific officer at Michigan Medicine.