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November 20, 2018

Regulating vaping

Michigan Minds - Vaping

Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration added restrictions on sales of flavored vaping products in convenience stores and gas stations to keep them out of the hands of minors. In this episode of Michigan Minds, Clifford Douglas, program manager and adjunct professor of health management and policy, explains that while e-cigarettes provide a less harmful alternative to people trying to quit cigarettes, they also can be a gateway to nicotine addiction for young people.

Wolverine Express

LSA Outreach Coordinator Jenna Munson guides students at Battle Creek Central High School through an interactive science activity during a visit by the Wolverine Express, which takes faculty, staff, students and alumni to under-resourced high schools across the state to promote higher education. (Photo by Peter Matthews, Michigan Photography)

Wallenberg Medal recipients

Representatives from the youth activist groups B.R.A.V.E. and March For Our Lives talk about their experiences working to fight gun violence during a discussion following their presentation of the 2018 Raoul Wallenberg Medal on Wednesday. From left are Rie'Onna Holmon (B.R.A.V.E.), Sofie Whitney (March For Our Lives), Ke'Shon Newman (B.R.A.V.E.) and Alex Wind (March For Our Lives). Watch a video of the full ceremony and discussion. (Photo by Scott C. Soderberg, Michigan Photography)

Photo of Marouane Kessentini
Faculty/Staff Spotlight

“Our tool uses the description in the ticket and the problematic code to automatically find the right person to solve the issue.”

Marouane Kessentini, associate professor of computer and information science, UM-Dearborn

This Week in U-M History

Mourning JFK

The community filled Hill Auditorium on Nov. 25, 1963, to mourn the death of President John F. Kennedy. Learn more about other things that happened at U-M this week in history.

Michigan in the News

“There’s so much work, it’s easy to lose focus. Where do we put our effort? There’s only so much money to go around,” said Laura Power, clinical assistant professor of epidemiology and internal medicine, on the low spending and lack of new funding for the U.S. public health system.


Facebook is making progress on rooting out hate, fake accounts and other objectionable content, but it could be doing more, said Cliff Lampe, professor of information: “Some of this is tempered by (the fact that) they are a publicly traded company. Their primary mission isn’t to be good for society. It’s to make money. There are business concerns.”

The Associated Press / The Detroit News

“The science is very strong. This is what the tobacco industry was saying a couple of decades ago about lung cancer — the science wasn’t strong enough. If you would remove it, you would avoid many smoking-caused deaths,” said Ken Warner, dean emeritus of public health and professor emeritus of health management and policy, referring to the proposed ban on putting menthol in cigarettes.

The New York Times

Research by Kim Cameron, professor emeritus of management and organizations, and education, points to four essential qualities for cultivating positive leadership and having a positive impact on your organization: fostering social connections, displaying empathy, going out of your way to help others, and encouraging people to express themselves, even if it is difficult.