July 13, 2020

Human Resources

  1. April 14, 2020

    Legal plan temporarily expands access to self-help library

    To assist the U-M community during the COVID-19 pandemic, MetLife Legal Plans is offering U-M faculty and staff free access to its self-help library for estate planning documents.

  2. April 8, 2020

    University expands health benefits for COVID-19 care

    U-M has revised its health benefits in a continuing effort to ensure its communities have the comprehensive care needed during the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

  3. April 7, 2020

    Voices of the Staff extends 2020 application period

    Voices of the Staff, which gives staff members a forum to share ideas and define the campus community issues, has extended its application deadline to April 17.

  4. April 2, 2020

    Assistance, resources, activities and ways to help from a social distance

    With many U-M faculty and staff members working remotely, and in-person activities canceled, the Record has compiled a list of online resources to help during this unprecedented time.

  5. April 1, 2020

    New COVID-19 paid-time-off bank supports faculty and staff

    The university is providing a new bank of 80 hours of paid time off for COVID-19-related absences as guided by the federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act. The new PTO is effective April 1.

  6. March 27, 2020

    Alternative child care services available during the pandemic

    Kids Kare at Home is a service for U-M faculty, staff and students when regular child care is unavailable, and it remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  7. March 18, 2020

    Details of U-M’s emergency paid time off for employees

    The university outlines more details about U-M’s emergency paid-time-off policy for faculty and staff, and how to use the new bank of paid time to help minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  8. February 17, 2020

    Leftover FSA money can be spent until March 15

    U-M employees who have money remaining in their 2019 Health Care Flexible Spending Account have until March 15 to incur eligible expenses and spend down their 2019 FSA balance.

  9. February 17, 2020

    Investment funds update — Dec. 31, 2019

    Quarterly report on U-M investment funds, for the quarter ending Sept. 30, 2019.

  10. January 23, 2020

    Faculty members share concerns, questions about tenure rules

    Faculty members said university policies that guide the dismissal of tenured faculty should be revised to streamline the review process but should not include proposed measures to suspend pay for certain accused faculty.