Culture Journey toolkit helps apply university’s core values


A new toolkit is available to help faculty, staff and units learn about and engage with the university values of integrity, respect, inclusion, equity, diversity and innovation.

The Culture Journey Values Toolkit includes a range of tools and resources for individuals and units to support, promote and learn about the university’s values:

  • Information and activities for units and leaders to inform and engage their teams.
  • Tools for leaders and individuals to promote and recognize desired values behaviors.
  • A Culture Journey podcast.
  • Zoom backgrounds and swag to promote the values.
  • Educational opportunities.

There is also an opportunity to recognize individuals and teams who exemplify the values.

The university values guide choices and actions and should be reflected in how:

  • People are hired and promoted.
  • Decisions are made.
  • Education and research is conducted.
  • Members of the U-M community treat one another.

President Santa J. Ono articulated his commitment to the university’s core values in September.

“(The values) have to be practiced. They can’t just be on a seal or on a website. It has to be really evident in the decisions, large and small, that each of us make every day,” he said. “(The values should be) front and center as our north star, practiced as much as we can.”

Demonstrating these values is essential as faculty and staff pursue excellence and carry out the university’s mission.


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