Webinars can help employees stay healthy during the holidays


Back by popular demand, MHealthy’s “’Tis the Season 2013” webinar series returns in December to help university faculty and staff stay healthy and maintain their energy and peace of mind during this busy time of year.

Registration is now open and all webinars can be viewed from computers, mobile phones or tablets.

“Due to the positive reviews we received for last year’s “’Tis the Season” webinar series, we wanted to offer the series again in 2013 focusing on the most popular topics from the 2012 program,” said Denise Williams, associate director for risk reduction programs for MHeathy. “We will share timely information on how to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight, how to fit in fitness, and how to enjoy the holidays more while spending less.”

Each webinar lasts 30 minutes and takes place from noon-12:30 p.m. Sign up for all three or register for one or two.

• Dec. 3: Being Generous This Season — Led by guest presenter Kathryn Greiner, U-M Credit Union budget counselor. Participants will learn about financial planning for the holidays and review a variety of free or modest-cost gifts, for others and themselves. The webinar will also have a discussion on the most meaningful gifts of all.

• Dec. 10: Planning for Festivities — Participants will learn how to enjoy holiday events while making smart choices for themselves and for those they care about.

• Dec. 17: Celebrate with Energy and Cheer — During the holidays, many can feel a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. Participates will learn how to balance caring for themselves with caring for loved ones during this time of the year, and how to replace fatigue with energy and vigor.

Online quiz tests alcohol serving size knowledge

To help people be more aware of how many servings are really in their favorite cocktail, MHealthy has also created the Alcohol Serving Size Challenge. This quick challenge is a fun, anonymous way for people to raise their awareness about the amount of alcohol in various types of drinks.

“With more holiday celebrations comes more alcohol and, if you choose to drink, it’s not always easy to know exactly how much you’re consuming,” says Teresa Herzog Mourad, a health educator for MHealthy Alcohol Management. “For example, the average holiday cocktail can have two shots in it, which is really two drinks.”


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