Statement by Board of Regents Chair Denise Ilitch


Feb. 18, 2021

We are encouraged and challenged by the journey the university and board is on as we are all learning from Guidepost’s expertise.

We want to thank everyone who spoke up to bring our university to this point, and for all who have participated so far in the community feedback. We also want to acknowledge how difficult it can be to participate in this process and how thankful we are for those who are helping the university learn and grow.

There is an enormous amount of work to be done and we need everyone’s voice to make it happen.

It will be critical that we remain focused on creating a culture where reports will be heard, where action is taken and there is no fear of retaliation.  In short – a culture where sexual misconduct is not tolerated.

As we indicated when we hired  Guidepost and as a reminder, we recognize that it will take significant time and continued effort towards growth, justice and transparency to begin to earn public trust, and we look forward to continuing this comprehensive process.


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