The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs has approved the final slate of candidates nominated to run for the Senate faculty member seat on the University of Michigan Police Department Oversight Committee.

The committee considers grievances against police officers or the U-M Police Department. It may make recommendations to the executive director of the Division of Public Safety and Security, including recommendations for disciplinary measures against a police officer who was found responsible for misconduct in office.

The six-member committee includes two faculty members, one Senate and one non-Senate; two staff members, one union and one non-union; and two students. Committee members are nominated and elected by their peers through separate processes and serve two-year terms.

The six candidates running for a two-year term include:

  • Bryan Karle Roby, assistant professor of Judaic studies and of Middle East studies, LSA.
  • Craig Smith, senior associate librarian, University Library.
  • Leah Litman, assistant professor of law, Law School.
  • Michael Dennis Byers, associate professor of English language and literature, LSA.
  • Olga Yakusheva, associate professor of nursing, School of Nursing; and associate professor of health management and policy, School of Public Health.
  • Sarah Peitzmeier, assistant professor of nursing, School of Nursing.

The election will run from 8 a.m. May 21 through 5 p.m. May 27. Faculty Senate members are eligible to vote electronically by accessing the voting system on the Faculty Senate Office website.