NCID’s 2015-16 postdoctoral fellows advance diversity insight


The National Center for Institutional Diversity at U-M has announced its 2015-16 postdoctoral fellows: Amy Moors, Alana LeBrón and Michelle Rivera.

Now members of the NCID Diversity Scholars Network, Moors, LeBrón and Rivera join a select list of researchers recognized for their contributions and dedication to the advancement of diversity agendas.

Alana LeBrón

Amy Moors

Michelle Rivera

Moors received her Ph.D. in psychology and women’s studies from U-M. She explores the social-contextual processes — bias, stigma, social norms and ideals — that affect people’s intimate and professional lives. Moors holds a dual fellowship at NCID and U-M’s Energy Institute.

LeBrón focuses on the social determinants of health and works with communities to better understand and address health inequities by Latinas and Latinos. LeBrón received her U-M Ph.D. in public health.

Rivera is interested in the ways that Latinidad, the diverse experiences and attributes of Latinas and Latinos, is represented in everyday life, particularly in mainstream media. Rivera’s Ph.D. was conferred by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Institute of Communications Research.

“We welcome Moors, LeBrón and Rivera,” says NCID Director John C. Burkhardt. “We are committed to support their success and are grateful to the Office of the Provost, School of Social Work, the Women’s Studies Department, the Department of American Culture, and the Energy Institute for their partnership in supporting this year’s fellows.”

Established in 2008, NCID’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program brings early career scholars to U-M for a yearlong fellowship. Supported by the provost, this competitive fellowship offers protected research time, faculty mentorship and career development for innovative diversity scholars, who are attractive for tenure-track faculty positions.

The fellowships highlight an important goal of NCID, which is to promote cross-disciplinary scholarship to strengthen research about diversity, equity and inclusion in education and society. 


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