Michigan Medicine joining county to vaccinate school workers


Michigan Medicine is working with the Washtenaw County Health Department to help vaccinate local school employees against COVID-19. A Feb. 27 clinic at Michigan Stadium — along with others at IHA locations — aims to vaccinate approximately 1,200 elementary school educators.

The health department is providing the vaccine out of this week’s allocations from the state, and is working directly with local schools and districts to connect their staff to the appropriate partner for registration.

The clinic, which is by appointment only, is part of the health department’s effort to vaccinate as many school employees as quickly as vaccine supplies allow. Health provider IHA also is part of that effort.

“We are committed to supporting the county in its efforts to vaccinate critical workers,” said Marschall Runge, chief executive officer of Michigan Medicine, dean of the Medical School and executive vice president for medical affairs.

“Every shot counts as we work together to end the COVID-19 pandemic in our community. Michigan Medicine is happy to open up the Big House to tackle this health care crisis.”

As of late last week, local school employees age 50 and older have been offered vaccination appointments. Moving forward, appointment requests are open to all eligible school employees using an invitation process.

“Limited vaccine supplies continue to hamper our local efforts to reach everyone currently eligible for COVID-19 vaccination,” said Jimena Loveluck, health officer for the WCHD. “This week, we’re grateful to have enough doses available to team up with Michigan Medicine and IHA to offer vaccination to our early elementary educators as efficiently as possible.”

Both Michigan Medicine and IHA are continuing to vaccinate staff and have begun vaccinating patients 65 and older as vaccine supply has allowed.

Hospital systems, local health departments and certain pharmacies are currently approved to provide COVID-19 vaccine. The WCHD works alongside these providers to coordinate vaccination efforts, understand who they are vaccinating based on the state’s prioritization guidelines, and address gaps to ensure all eligible individuals have access to vaccine.

Vaccine supplies are allocated though state or federal health authorities directly to each emergency provider. Over time, the supply of vaccine will increase, as will the number of providers.

Currently eligible individuals can request a vaccination from the health department by completing the request survey at bit.ly/wchdvaxindi or by calling 734-544-6700 or 211. People are asked to only use the phone line if they cannot navigate the online request process.

Limited vaccine appointments may also be available through local health providers or pharmacies including Meijer and Rite Aid. Supplies are limited everywhere, and it may take months to schedule everyone eligible.



  1. Kang Shin
    on February 24, 2021 at 8:36 am

    A good Samaritan’s act of Michigan Medicine!
    What about helping its own vulnerable patients with more openness and transparency regarding COVID-19 vaccination?
    The portal displays 3-4 week old message “… don’t call or send messages.” There isn’t any direct communication channel between patients and Michigan Medicine COVID-19 Team, leaving its own patients in the complete dark. It reports vaccination of more than 65,000 doses. Who are these? I don’t see any reason why breakdowns of this number can’t be shared.
    I am aware of much better vaccinations almost everywhere else.

  2. Barbara Garavaglia
    on February 24, 2021 at 4:32 pm

    I agree with the previous comment. Why on earth doesn’t Michigan Medicine systematically vaccinate its patients, especially those 65 and older and those with other health problems that put them at a high risk for serious illness and death if they contract covid-19? It’s incredible that MM is now volunteering to systematically vaccinate teachers while at the same time leaving their own elderly & vulnerable patients with absolutely no chance of getting a vaccine through their medical provider, Michigan Medicine! Getting a covid-19 vaccine should not be a “random act of kindness” – but this seems to be the Michigan Medicine approach to patient care. The shoemakers children clearly won’t be getting shoes anytime soon. Michigan Medicine — please vaccinate the vulnerable patients who rely upon you for medical care.

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