Want a more positive workplace? There are simple actions you can take to help. That’s the message from MHealthy’s “Be Kind. Be Well.” Campaign, which focuses on the health benefits of kindness and gratitude.


“Compassionate and caring actions can be practiced in ways large and small. Simple actions, like making eye contact and smiling, greeting one another by name, and saying thank you can help to build trust, enhance collaboration and improve your mood,” said Kelcey Stratton, program manager for Resiliency and Well-Being Services in the Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience.

“We know, because of research studies and through personal experience, that being kind and grateful to one another makes a positive difference for individuals and communities.”

The campaign was unveiled at the Sept. 20, “Be Well in the Big House” event and continues into November via email messages and a series of PDF fliers.

Resources to help faculty and staff incorporate gratitude into their day-to-day work are available on the MHealthy site. This includes a downloadable kindness pledge and gratitude cards.

“We hope that all members of our community will find ways to bring a little more compassion and kindness into daily interactions,” Stratton said. “Post a flier. Sign the pledge. Share a gratitude card. The strength of our community is in how we value each other with care and respect.”