Faculty Senate plans full membership meeting Nov. 6


The University of Michigan’s full Faculty Senate will meet Nov. 6, the first meeting of U-M’s largest central faculty governance group since its recent expansion.

Members will meet in the Alexander G. Ruthven Building’s University Hall and also will have the option to attend via Zoom. Members will be emailed a link for the Zoom session.

The meeting will include discussions about Faculty Senate meeting protocols and activities, as well as a discussion of the upcoming Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship Donation Drive.

The Faculty Senate — formally known as the University Senate — currently has 7,358 members. The recent expansion effectively increased its size by about two-thirds.

Earlier this year, Senate members voted to include clinical professors, archivists, curators and lecturers I, II, III and IV who have at least a 50% appointment. They joined tenured and tenure-track instructional faculty, research faculty, librarians, deans and executive officers from all U-M campuses.

The Faculty Senate is the largest of three components in U-M’s central faculty governance system. The others are the 77-member elected Senate Assembly, and the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs, the system’s nine-member executive arm.


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