Commemorating the loss and lessons of COVID’s first year


It’s been a year of loss and transition, but also a year of resolve and resilience.

As a community, the university is approaching the one-year anniversary of having our lives changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The exact date may be a little different for each of us depending on our respective work, but we’re all near that milestone.

For our frontline and essential heroes, the date is likely already past. For many who are parents, the shift began when in-person school was canceled.

Whatever your personal experience, you are invited to come together as a Michigan community to honor the past year and reflect on our collective loss and resiliency during the pandemic. There are several efforts planned to mark this milestone.

Please also consider sharing your personal reflections of the year. Selections will be chosen to compose a collective piece which will be shared during the Student Life virtual gathering. Submit an entry online.


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