July 13, 2020

Faculty/Staff Spotlights

  1. October 21, 2019 Nadine Hubbs
    “I was obsessed with music as a child. I think that many people who go into music fields are pretty much obsessed, and I am one of those people.”

    Nadine Hubbs, professor of women’s studies and music, and director of the Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Institute

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  2. October 14, 2019
    “Having English students learn typesetting gives them opportunities to re-encounter language as a physical, visual process.”

    Fritz Swanson, lecturer II in the Department of English Language and Literature and founder of Wolverine Press

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  3. October 7, 2019 Photo of Deborah Gordon-Gurfinkel
    “My understanding about the therapeutic aspect of the theater arts all started when I was in schools and engaging with students in a more educational setting.”

    Deborah Gordon-Gurfinkel, arts education program coordinator and lecturer in the Residential College and founder of Telling It

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  4. September 30, 2019 Photo of Brandon Patterson
    “The more I meet people the more I realize that there are a lot more interesting problems out there that you can solve.”

    Brandon Patterson, a research fellow in the Medical School’s Department of Radiology

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  5. September 23, 2019 Photo of Esha Biswas
    “In both my aspiring career as an environmental educator and my life as an artist, I strive to help people see the magic in the mundane.”

    Esha Biswas, student affairs coordinator of the Residential College

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  6. September 16, 2019 Photo of UM-Dearborn's Hafiz Malik
    “I think we are very close to a place where seeing is no longer believing. … It’s scary, but it’s the world we’re living in.”

    Hafiz Malik, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at UM-Dearborn

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  7. September 9, 2019 Photo of Amanda Alexander
    “As a lawyer, I wanted to think about how to much more proactively help people.”

    Amanda Alexander, senior research scholar and founder of the Detroit Justice Center

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  8. September 3, 2019 Photo of Alison Narayan in her lab
    “As a woman in science, I want to see more women in science.”

    Alison Narayan, William R. Roush Assistant Professor and assistant professor of chemistry

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  9. August 12, 2019 Photo of Daphne Watkins

    “I think men are handed a rulebook just like women. I would love to be one of the people who helps rewrite the rules for us all.”

    Daphne Watkins, associate professor of social work

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  10. July 29, 2019 Photo of Susan Crowell

    “I’m really big on real knowledge rather than something that looks like real knowledge. And I’m interested in real-time beauty rather than ‘Instagram beauty.’”

    Susan Crowell, professor of art in the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design and the Residential College

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