April 10, 2021

Faculty/Staff Spotlights

  1. January 18, 2021 Ian Shin
    “He meant a lot to a lot of people. As a contestant, you don’t actually get to talk to him much, but you can’t help but be in awe of him.”

    — Ian Shin, assistant professor of history and American culture in LSA, speaking of longtime “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek

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  2. January 11, 2021 LSA lecturer took to the mountains during pandemic
    “Primarily what I do is use nonfiction writing and journalistic writing that has exposed whatever environmental injustice has happened in particular communities.”

    — Virginia Murphy, lecturer II in Program in the Environment and lecturer IV in the Residential College in LSA

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  3. December 7, 2020 Daicia Price
    “Officers have a hard job, and if they’re willing to learn and think about things in a different way, I’m happy to be part of it.”

    Daicia Price, clinical assistant professor of social work, who partners with Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network to provide crisis training for law enforcement agencies

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  4. November 23, 2020 Monica Adams
    “I learned a lot about the cultures, and to me one good gateway into a community, into a culture, is just learning how they cook food.”

    Monica Adams, head of user services at UM-Dearborn’s Mardigian Library

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  5. November 16, 2020 Susan Rosegrant
    “I’d love to go to Africa, I’d love to go back to Asia. You know pretty much, I want to see all the birds in the world.”

    Susan Rosegrant, lecturer IV in the Residential College who is an avid birder

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  6. November 9, 2020 Drew Bennett
    “You can do more than you think. There’s a certain amount of satisfaction in learning that.”

    Drew Bennett, associate director of software licensing at the Office of Technology Transfer who competes in ultra-marathons around the country

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  7. November 2, 2020 Gary Bohas
    “While I was signing the drawing (of Arnold Palmer), other people at the restaurant were watching and came up to me later to see if I’d draw them.”

    Gary Bohas, a stockkeeper at the U-M Central Power Plant who has created more than 4,000 portraits of people on paper napkins

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  8. October 26, 2020 Joe Braun
    “I would see a map of a park and see a network of trails, and I would instantly want to see and hike every trail on the map.”

    Joe Braun, a senior systems administrator at the Institute for Social Research who has written hiking guides and is an avid photographer

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  9. October 19, 2020 Colleen Stone
    “Really being intentional about exercising is so important right now, for my mental health and my physical well-being.”

    Colleen Stone, content and digital strategist for the Department of Surgery at Michigan Medicine and avid runner

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  10. October 12, 2020 Lisa Nakamura
    “There’s this move away from wanting to make a lot of money in a large monopolistic corporation to being more interested in collective work or independent work.”

    — Lisa Nakamura, Gwendolyn Calvert Baker Collegiate Professor of American Culture and Digital Studies

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