You, too, can use quality tools

Two elements of the quality management approach can be adopted and adapted for daily use by anyone, even if they are not involved in M-Quality activities.

The first is use of a PAL for meetings, which translates to Purpose, Agenda, Limit. Every meeting should have a purpose, a statement of what is to be accomplished that is provided to all participants. Also vital is an agenda. This keeps discussions on track. And, each meeting should have a defined time limit that includes a few minutes at the end for a critique of the session itself, which, in turn, may provide a starting point for future meetings. In some instances, time limits can be assigned to individual items on the agenda, ensuring that all topics will be addressed.

Another helpful tool is a statement of the responsibilities of meeting participants, called rules of conduct in quality parlance. Some are listed below. Many groups add to or modify these to meet their needs.

—Respect each person.

—Share responsibility.

—Criticize only ideas, not people.

—Keep an open mind.

—Question and participate.

—Attend all meetings.

—Listen constructively.


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