WUOM exceeds goal, ends drive early

Michigan Radio’s Autumn Drive fund-raising drive, which surpassed its goal last Wednesday, raised $183,000.

Michigan Radio officials had promised to end what was to be a 10-day drive when the $160,000 goal was reached. Although no requests were made for contributions after 7:15 p.m. Nov. 18—the ninth day of the drive—an additional $2,000 was pledged by listeners phoning in after the goal was reached.

A total of 2,043 listeners phoned in pledges totaling $163,000. This, combined with corporate matching funds and challenge funds used to encourage listeners to phone in their pledges of financial support, brought the total to $183,000.

A popular feature of the on-air fund drive was Michigan Radio’s “Day Sponsor” program. Listeners, who pledged a minimum of $180 per day, reserved a total of 128 days. Day sponsors have their special message broadcast on Michigan Radio eight times on their chosen day.

Michigan Radio can be heard in Ann Arbor on WUOM, 91.7 FM, in Grand Rapids on WVGR, 104.1 FM, and in Flint on WFUM, 91.1 FM.


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