Each year, more than 20,000 employees take advantage of MHealthy Rewards. They learn about their health and choose to take steps to maintain or improve it. For extra motivation, they can also earn up to $220.

Registration for U-M’s annual health and well-being incentive program is now open to benefits-eligible U-M faculty and staff. The 2020 program includes two familiar steps:

  • Step 1: Register by completing the 2020 StayWell online health questionnaire by May 15.
  • Step 2: Earn points by completing eligible activities by June 12.

Brad Gary, a clinical research study coordinator for breast and neurologic oncology at the Rogel Cancer Center, said Rewards is his reminder to invest in his health every year.

“I have a high-stress job where I have to be present for every patient I see,” Gary said. “How am I going to be my best if I’m not taking care of my own health?

“At the hospital, we try to improve our patients’ lives. U-M looks at its employees with the same amount of care and respect, and I feel honored to work for a place that takes my health in consideration.”

Earn $100 for completing healthy activities

Once registered, employees can complete health-related activities to earn points. Earn 100 points by June 12 to earn a $100 reward.

More than 20 activities in a variety of health areas qualify for Rewards. Activities are worth 25, 50 or 100 points each. Returning favorites include:

  • Active U.
  • Daily Dash.
  • SleepWell.
  • MHealthy exercise and relaxation classes (winter session only).
  • 21-Day Meditation.
  • Ready to Lose.
  • Colorful Choices.

To ensure confidentiality, U-M partners with StayWell, a national provider of health improvement services. A complete list of activities, point values and completion requirements is on the StayWell portal. Visit the MHealthy Rewards site to access the portal.

“I sometimes struggle with anxiety and took the online meditation program to help,” Gary said. “My anxiety isn’t going away, but I learned helpful techniques that I still use to this day.”

$120 fitness membership reimbursement

Employees who register for Rewards will again qualify for a fitness membership reimbursement. Verify payments to earn a $12 credit for every month January-October 2020. Verify up to 10 months to get up to $120.

Twelve categories are eligible this year, including five new ones. They are:

  • Health clubs and gyms.
  • Community centers.
  • Yoga facilities.
  • Pilates facilities.
  • Spinning facilities.
  • Barre facilities.
  • CrossFit facilities.
  • Aerobic fitness studio memberships (new).
  • Boot camp facility memberships (new).
  • Streaming fitness memberships/subscriptions (new).
  • Boxing and kickboxing memberships (new).
  • Rock climbing gym memberships (new).

U-M partners with IncentFit to administer the fitness membership reimbursement.