Work on Campus Plan 2050 proceeding alongside Vision 2034


Campus Plan 2050 continues to work hand in hand with Vision 2034 to define the future of Ann Arbor’s physical campus.

The planning process for this presidential initiative, which has run concurrently with vision planning, included the active participation of U-M students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners in a long-term effort to reimagine the campus environment as U-M aspires to become the defining public university of our time.

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A high-level draft of a 25-year plan is expected to be available in late April.

Early in the fall, the more extensive final campus plan will be released and will address near-term considerations, as well as a more-detailed 25-year plan. These documents will be a blueprint for advancing initiatives and establishing clear priorities for capital investments.

Campus Plan 2050 will draw a direct line of sight from Vision 2034. By connecting the physical campus of the future with the aspirations of Vision 2034, the plan will help support and enable the four impact areas of the vision, which are: 

  • Life-Changing Education.
  • Human Health and Well-Being.
  • Democracy, Civic and Global Engagement.
  • Climate Action, Sustainability and Environmental Justice.

Planning work is continuing and includes an exploration of how the campus’ physical spaces and places should be designed and connected with one another.


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