Updated ResponsiBLUE better connects users to COVID-19 resources


The University of Michigan’s ResponsiBLUE app now includes new features that better connect users to on-campus COVID-19 testing, and better support the health and safety of the campus community during the pandemic.

Since it launched last fall, all students, faculty and staff are required to complete the ResponsiBLUE app symptom check daily before entering a U-M building.

The app, initially developed as a symptom tracking tool, has been expanded with additional information on COVID-19 protocols, resources and care, including clearly displaying expectations for undergraduate students to complete their weekly COVID-19 testing. 

Additional updates include all users moving through the app in a different order and seeing a new results screen — with the option to expand the results screen for more compliance information. There also is a button that takes users directly to the Community Sampling & Tracking Program webpage to schedule COVID-19 tests.

These examples show how results are presented in the updated ResponsiBLUE app.
These examples show how results are presented in the updated ResponsiBLUE app.

To help students keep track of weekly testing, ResponsiBLUE displays — for U-M Ann Arbor undergraduate students only – their weekly COVID-19 testing status by noting a “COMPLETED,” “WARNING,” or “EXPIRED” status at the end of the symptom check process. The date of a student’s last completed COVID-19 test also is displayed. Test results are not included in the app.

Last term, the university announced that U-M Ann Arbor undergraduate students who live on campus or who come to campus must complete weekly mandatory COVID-19 testing through U-M. All students are encouraged to get tested weekly, regardless if they fall under the mandatory testing requirement.

With two green checks, students are clear to be on campus. Students who have a red “X” as a result of being out of date with their weekly testing are encouraged to get tested immediately.

When a student’s COVID-19 testing status is approaching expiration, the lettering within the COVID-19 testing box will turn yellow as a warning to the student.

If students have either an “EXPIRED” COVID-19 test or have reported symptoms of COVID-19 they will see a large red “X” at the top of their screen and they should not report to work or attend in-person classes.

The main change most staff, faculty and graduate students will notice is a large red “X” that will display at the top of the screen if the users screening result has expired.  Previously, the red “X” only appeared if the user reported having symptoms for COVID-19. Screening check results expire after 18 hours. Users should click on the “Screening Check Required” link to renew their daily screening requirement.

The daily use of ResponsiBLUE will aid the newly established Compliance and Accountability Team in monitoring participation of the mandatory testing program, following up with students to encourage and facilitate compliance, and escalating issues of non-compliance as appropriate.

Those outside of the mandatory weekly testing group — staff, faculty and graduate students — will only see the symptom screening check indicator.

Because people can be infected with COVID-19 and not show any symptoms, and because the B.1.1.7 COVID-19 variant is present in the community, students living off campus who do not have a regular need to come to campus still are encouraged to participate in routine COVID-19 testing through CSTP to help protect the health of the U-M community.

It also is important to note that testing recommendations may change based on developments and the needs to respond to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic during the winter term.

ResponsiBLUE was developed by U-M Information and Technology Services in partnership with the Office of Research and campus leaders. The app is available for download from the Apple and Android app stores. For existing users, the app will update based on their device settings.

— Editor’s note: This story has been updated from its original version.



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