University proceeding with campus EV charger installations


The University of Michigan’s plan to install 400 electric vehicle charging spaces on its Ann Arbor campus, part of its commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint, is now underway.

The first phase of the four-year project includes installing chargers in more than 100 spaces in parking structures and surface lots across campus. The chargers will be available to faculty, staff, students, visitors and U-M Fleet vehicles with appropriate parking permits during enforcement hours, and for public use during non-enforcement hours.

Currently, EV charging stations are available at six locations for “top-off” charging, with no charge for U-M parking permit holders. Starting Sept. 1, faculty, staff, students, visitors and U-M Fleet vehicles with appropriate parking permits will be charged through ChargePoint Connections to use EV chargers.

William McAllister, general manager of transportation and waste management services, charges his vehicle at a campus EV charging station. (Photo by Nicholas Gallo, Logistics, Transportation & Parking)

The electrical infrastructure construction work will begin this fall, with installation of the new chargers set to begin in the spring of 2024. The project’s first phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

As part of the EV charging project, U-M has applied for rebates with DTE Energy that will help U-M offset the cost of purchasing chargers.

In addition to the charging stations, U-M also is working to electrify its fleet of vehicles. The university plans to convert many of the vehicles to battery electric power over the next six to 10 years. Logistics, Transportation & Parking received three 40-foot EV buses and one 60-foot articulated EV bus in June and four more will be delivered next spring.

New charging fee structure

Starting Sept. 1, faculty, staff, students, visitors and U-M Fleet vehicles with appropriate parking permits will be able to use ChargePoint EV chargers during enforcement hours. During non-enforcement hours, chargers will be available for public use. All users will be required to pay the charging fees described below.

Users also will be required to register with ChargePoint Connections to affiliate their ChargePoint account with the U-M driver group. Users can search “University” or “Michigan” or locate the group under the Education drop-down within Connections. Access to register for this group is available now.

Charging fees (prorated to the minute) for all parking areas are:

  • $1 per hour until the vehicle is fully charged.
  • After the vehicle is fully charged, a 30-minute grace period is provided to the driver to remove their vehicle from the parking space designated for the charger.
  • Once the 30-minute grace period has elapsed, the overstay fee will be $3 per hour.

In visitor parking areas, all users will pay the visitor space rate — via the central pay machine or mobile payment app — in addition to the charging fees.

The grace period and overstay fee will be reviewed and potentially adjusted as LTP monitors the campus charging infrastructure.

This new charging fee structure is designed to optimize use of the chargers and give multiple EV drivers an opportunity to charge their vehicles on campus.


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