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December 13, 2018

U-M community asked to update personal information

September 19, 2016

U-M community asked to update personal information

Beginning this fall, members of the Ann Arbor campus community will be prompted to review and update their personal information in Wolverine Access.

Once a year, faculty, staff and students will receive a prompt from Wolverine Access to review their addresses, emergency contacts and U-M Emergency Alert notification preferences.

“When an emergency strikes, it is essential for university officials to be able to reach out quickly to members of our campus community,” says Eddie Washington, executive director of the Division of Public Safety and Security. “By keeping your information updated in Wolverine Access, you help ensure that we can locate you in an emergency."

Faculty and staff will receive the first notification in October. The review should take five minutes or less to complete. Students will receive the first notification in late September.

Individuals also can update contact information in Wolverine Access any time a change occurs throughout the year.  


Teresa Boyd
on 10/04/16 at 12:53 pm

I am not able to make any changes with the new online update. it just keeps taking me back to the same screen. will not allow me to update anything .
Teresa Boyd

Frank Stratikis
on 10/07/16 at 1:56 pm

When I signed in to Wolverine Access today, it asked me to review and, if necessary, change my information. It would NOT, however, allow me to change my work address. I have been working full time at the Buhr Library (Remote Shelving Facility) since 02/18/2015, and yet Wolverine Access still shows my workplace as 204 Hatcher (my old job at the Hatcher Stacks Office). Do you know whom I can contact to fix this?


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