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July 18, 2019

Three weeks left to earn $100 with MHealthy Rewards

April 7, 2014

Three weeks left to earn $100 with MHealthy Rewards

With three weeks left to complete MHealthy Rewards, more than 14,000 benefits-eligible faculty and staff have completed a wellness screening, and more than 17,000 have completed the health questionnaire. The universitywide goal is 47 percent completion of both.

While thousands more employees have scheduled their screenings for this month, appointments are still available and will continue through the end of April. A 30-minute appointment includes checking blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, weight and height; reviewing the results; and setting a health goal with a StayWell health professional.

"Having the opportunity to sit down and talk privately with StayWell is just as important as learning your biometric health values," says Janice Gasaway, MHealthy Rewards program lead. "This is your chance to go over your results from the screening and health questionnaire, discuss next steps, create a plan of action and even set a health goal. We hope everyone takes advantage of this and earns their $100 reward."

Cindy Bourke knows firsthand the difference a wellness screening can make.

"I went to my wellness screening in February thinking it would be a regular check of my blood pressure, weight, and glucose, and everything would be normal, just like last year," says Bourke, an administrative assistant intermediate in internal medicine-rheumatology. "I was very wrong. I took their advice and went to my doctor and it was confirmed that I have Type 2 diabetes. Without this screening the diabetes may have gone undiagnosed for many months."

StayWell Health Management, a national provider of health improvement services, administers both the wellness screening and health questionnaire. StayWell is legally bound to protect employee privacy and will not share any personally identifiable health information with the university. 

Employees who complete both a screening and the 15-minute health questionnaire by April 29 will earn a $100 before-tax reward and a chance to win one of several $500 gift cards. U-M departments and units that achieve 50 percent or more participation will again be recognized by the university.

Go to to register for a screening and complete the health questionnaire.

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