Student move-in to bring traffic, parking changes Aug. 24-28


This year’s student move-in will take place over five days, and community members can expect changes to the usual Ann Arbor campus traffic and parking patterns. Move-in 2022 will run from Aug. 24-28.

Michigan Housing is coordinating move-in to manage the traffic impact on the Ann Arbor and campus communities. With the cooperation of the city of Ann Arbor, some streets in the immediate vicinity of residence halls will see traffic-flow alterations from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Aug. 24-28.

Traffic alterations include:

  • Thompson Street: One-way traffic flow southbound from Jefferson to Packard streets.
  • East Madison Street: One-way traffic flow eastbound between Thompson and State streets.
  • East Washington Street: One-way traffic flow westbound between Fletcher and Thayer streets. 
  • East Ann Street: One-way traffic flows eastbound from Zina Pitcher to Observatory streets.
  • Observatory Street: One-way traffic flow southbound between East Ann and Geddes streets.

Most, if not all, parking meters in the immediate vicinity of residence halls will be bagged and reserved for students and families who display the proper move-in unloading permit. Additional parking changes will affect university parking lots and structures that will be converted to move-in use only for the duration of the program.

University lots and structures that will be converted to move-in-only are as follows:

  • Lot M-28 (on Washington Heights).
  • Lot M-95 (just east of Markley Hall, west half of lot dedicated to move-in).
  • Lot E-1 (on North University Court across from Stockwell Hall).
  • Palmer Parking Structure (N-26): All visitor parking will be for move-in participants.
  • W16 (“Triangle”) Lot: Thompson at Madison and Packard will be controlled for move-in.
  • Lot NC32 (Baits drive south of Baits 2): 20 spaces reserved for move-in participants.

Officers from the Division of Public Safety and Security will be on site during move-in and will aid in maintaining efficient traffic-flow in the residence hall areas.

The Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority and U-M’s Logistics, Transportation & Parking will change some bus routes to accommodate the changes in traffic flow. Visit their websites for details.


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