Statement from Central Student Government


April 1, 2021

Regent Weiser’s recent misogynistic and vitriolic rhetoric has created a national response, but it is only part of a long list of harmful comments and actions Regent Weiser has engaged in whilst holding the most powerful administrative position at the University of Michigan.

From mocking our graduate students as they asked for fair working conditions, to failing to condemn insurrectionists who threatened the very backbone of our democracy, and inciting violence against women at a time when we perpetually have to fear for our lives; Regent Weiser’s recent statements invite and normalize violence. In engaging in said comments and actions, Regent Weiser has demonstrated that he cannot faithfully serve the student body.

His statements do not align with our mission of being the Leaders and Best and therefore, we, the student body President and Vice President of the University of Michigan, representing over forty-eight thousand voices, not only unequivocally condemn Regent Weiser’s harmful statements, but also call on him to resign. He has done irreparable damage to our Michigan community. We deserve better.

Nithya Arun, Student Body President
Carla Voigt, Student Body Vice Presiden


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