Sexual assault exam available at University Health Service


The University Health Service now offers a specialized exam for those seeking medical treatment following sexual assault.

Individuals who believe they have experienced sexual assault are recommended to have a sexual assault exam within five days of the incident, and the sooner the better.

A trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner completes the exam. They are registered nurses who have completed education and clinical training in the forensic medical care of patients who have experienced sexual assault or abuse. They can:

• Identify physical trauma and develop a plan for treatment.

• Treat to prevent sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, if needed.

• Collect evidence that may be used in legal processes, if desired.

“Our desire is to provide a service that is beneficial to sexual assault survivors, and to make sure that everyone involved in this program is committed to providing sensitive, trauma informed care,” says Susan Ernst, chief of the UHS Women’s Health Clinic.

“We hope that this new service at the University Health Service will broaden the options for survivors, giving them the choice to receive evaluation and quality care on campus.”

UHS leadership worked closely with Central Student Government to expand services for survivors by making the examination available on Central Campus. The exam is offered Monday-Friday during specific hours at UHS. Survivors also can be treated at the U-M Hospital Emergency Department at any time.


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