Rizki and Walz granted emeritus status by Regents

Two faculty members were given the emeritus title by the Regents at their November meeting. They are:

Rose M. Rizki, research scientist in the Department of Biology

Rizki’s research, “much of it undertaken jointly with Tahir M. Rizki, has embraced a wide variety of topics concerned with the genetics, development, physiology, and molecular and cellular biology of the celebrated `fruit fly,’ Drosophila, and has been widely disseminated in 68 publications,” the Regents said.

“Ms. Rizki’s contributions have also extended to graduate education; many Ph.D. dissertations and publications have acknowledged her assistance. It is no exaggeration to say that the longevity and continuing importance of Drosophila as a preeminent experimental system derives in no small measure from her scientific studies and from comparable studies elsewhere.” She joined the U-M in 1962.

Garry R. Walz, professor of education

Walz, who joined the U-M faculty in 1961, “taught courses in guidance and counseling, research design methods, and human resource development; he also worked extensively with graduate students on their doctoral research,” the Regents said. “Since 1966, his work has centered on the ERIC Clearinghouse on Counseling and Personnel Services, funded by the U.S. Department of Education. In directing this large project, he served as editor in chief of the publication program, represented the clearinghouse at conferences and conventions around the world, and assisted faculty and students in the School of Education in using the ERIC system to improve their research.”

He received the Distinguished Scholar Award from Chi Sigma Iota and the Kathleen and Gilbert Wrenn Humanitarian Award from the American Association for Counseling and Development.


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