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Research investigators have new requirements when submitting to the National Institutes of Health information regarding Other Support reporting, Biographical Sketches for proposals, Just-In-Time materials or Research Performance Progress Reports.

For transparency and to avoid scientific, budgetary or effort overlap, University of Michigan senior and key personnel must report both internal as well as external positions, appointments and resources.

For any support received for an outside activity from a non-U.S. entity, English-language versions of supporting documents, such as copies of contracts or agreements, are required.

Additionally, in-kind resources may include personnel supported by a non-U-M entity, such as visiting scholars or postdoctoral researchers.

Other nuances to these NIH requirements involve using a digital signature application like SignNow. Ink or typed signatures are not acceptable. Project teams should note that adding these digital signatures can increase the size of a file and puts proposals at risk for failure to submit. PDF should be “flattened” and be no larger than six megabytes.

Those involved with NIH submissions can work with U-M’s Other Support Review team to resolve any questions or concerns regarding appropriate reporting of activities in sponsor documentation and supporting documentation.

The U-M conflict of interest offices provide the institutional review of Other Support with disclosed international engagements as part of NIH “just-in-time” requests and at the time of the award. 

NIH remains the largest external sponsor of U-M research, and U-M project teams spent $574 million awarded by NIH in fiscal year 2020-21 to address the causes of and treatments for serious medical ailments, ranging from cancer and dementia to substance abuse and coronaviruses.

U-M project teams can contact the following for questions regarding:


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