Regents’ Roundup


The University Record, May 21, 1996


Note: Regents’ Roundup appears as a semi-regular feature in The Record. See bottom of this page for more information.

Gifts total $10.9 million
At their May meeting, the Regents formally accepted a total of $10,975,389 in gifts received by the University during April of this year.

The total included $3,367,361 from individuals, $4,109,402 from corporations, $2,939,622 from foundations, and $559,004 from associations and others.

New faculty appointments approved
Faculty appointments, with tenure, approved by Regents include:

Raffi Indjejikian, a faculty member at the University of Chicago, will be associate professor of accounting, effective Sept. 1.

Katherine Terrell, a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh, will be associate professor of business economics and international business, effective Sept. 1.

Jan Svejnar, a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh, will be professor of economics and international busi ness and the Everett E. Berg Professor in Business Administration and professor of economics, effective Sept. 1.

Sidonie A. Smith, a faculty member at the State University of New York, Binghamton, will be professor of English and of women’s studies, effective July 1.

Ellen H. Rowe, a faculty member at the University of Connecticut, will be associate professor of music (jazz studies), effective Sept. 1.

Regents approve administrative appointments
Administrative appointments approved by the Regents included:

Richard H. Price, professor of psychology and of organizational behavior and human resource management, will serve as associate vice president for research, effective July 1, for a one-year term.

Diane M. Kirkpatrick, professor of history of art, will serve as interim director of the Institute for the Humanities for a one-year term beginning July 1.

Building renovations approved
The Regents approved the following renovation projects:

The infrastructure renewal project now under way in the C.C. Little Building, funded by the state, includes the cool ing capacity necessary to air condition the program areas and the air conditioning distribution system in a major portion of the building, said Executive Vice President Farris W. Womack. “It is now proposed to complete the distribution sys tem throughout the program areas of the building. This project is estimated to cost $1.5 million and will be accom plished in phases as funding is identified. The first phase, estimated to cost $325,000, will extend the system on the first floor south for the Department of Geological Sciences.”

A laboratory on the third floor of the Neuroscience Laboratory Building will be renovated at an estimated cost of $218,000.

Department of Biomedical Engineering is established
The Regents approved the establishment of a Department of Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering, effective July 1.

“This proposal is the result of extensive discussions between and among the College, the Medical School and Rack ham School of Graduate Studies as to how to transform the University’s current Bioengineering Program into a more permanent, cohesive structure,” said Glenn F. Knoll, interim dean of the College of Engineering. “The proposed change will position the University to successfully compete for the best students and faculty working in such areas as biomedical imaging, biomechanics, biomaterials, bioelectrical systems, and biotechnology.

“The location of the department in the College will provide the financial stability, the facilities, and focused faculty necessary to develop innovative curricula at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

“The reorganization of bioengineering at U-M also entails the creation of a new Center for Biomedical Engineering Research which will be jointly administered by the Medical School and the College of Engineering.”


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