Regents’ Roundup


The University Record, April 23, 1996

Note: Regents’ Roundup appears as a semi-regular feature in The Record. See bottom of this page for more information.

Gifts total $6.5 million
At their April meeting the Regents formally accepted a total of $6,514,308 in gifts received by the University during March of this year.
The total included $2,044,724 from individuals, $1,304,681 from corporations, $2,019,803 from foundations, and $1,145,100 from associations and others.

New faculty appointments approved
Faculty appointments, with tenure, approved by the Regents included:
David C. Hyland, senior scientist at Harris Corporation, will become chair and professor of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, effective May 1.
Shirley Verrett, soprano, will become professor of music (voice), effective Sept. 1.

Regents approve
administrative appointments

Administrative appointments approved by the Regents included:
Patricia Y. Gurin, professor of psychology and women’s studies, was reappointed as chair of the Department of Psychology for a five-year term, effective Sept. 1.
James M. Borders, associate professor of music, will be associate dean of the School of Music for three years beginning Sept. 1.
Mark P. Becker, associate professor of biostatistics, will be assistant dean for academic affairs at the School of Public Health for a three-year term, effective Sept. 1.
M. Anthony Schork, professor of biostatistics, will serve as acting associate dean for academic affairs of the School of Public Health, effective Sept. 1, 1996–May 31, 1997.
Don P. Haefner, professor emeritus of health behavior and health education, will be acting chair of the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, effective Sept. 1, 1996–July 31, 1997.

Regents approve addition to Buhr
The Regents approved the proposed addition to the Buhr Building to store another million volumes of less frequently used books.
“In 1980 the University constructed book storage cubes in the Buhr Building to house approximately two million volumes of less frequently used books,” Executive Vice President Farris W. Womack said. “This facility is now filled to capacity and we have explored options for accommodating another million volumes.
“The preferred option is to construct a small building addition at the south end of the existing building. This addition, which is estimated to cost $3 million, will extend the storage capacity by several years.”

Power plant will be modernized
The Regents approved the proposed modernization of the Central Power Plant’s controls.
“Although existing controls are well maintained, they are old and in need of replacement,” said Executive Vice President Farris W. Womack. “Repair parts are increasingly difficult to find and maintenance of the existing controls i s correspondingly more expensive.
“We propose to upgrade the existing controls to a computerized control system. This system will establish a new central control room, eliminating the existing two-room arrangement, and replace the existing obsolete controls and monitoring equipment. The new arrangement will result in increased plant reliability, safety, and efficiency.”
The project is estimated to cost $6.9 million.

Plaza will be named for engineering class of ’44
The paved area at the southwest entrance to the new Integrated Technology Instruction Center (ITIC) Building on the University of Michigan’s North Campus will be named the ’44E Flag Plaza.
“In honor of the 50th anniversary of its graduation, the Engineering Class of 1944 has raised $25,000 for a flag plaza,” Executive Vice President Farris W. Womack said. “Three flag poles would be provided to carry the United States flag, the Michigan flag, and the University flag.
“The College of Engineering is planning a dedication ceremony on June 7 when members of the class of 1944E and members of other engineering alumni will be on campus for the emeritus weekend.
“The planning for these flag poles has been coordinated by our campus planning consultants and is consistent with both the present plans for the development of the ITIC Building site and the future development of this section of cam pus.”

Building renovations approved
The Regents approved these renovation projects:

“A series of projects is now proposed that will remodel approximately 6,000 square feet of office space in the Business Administration Building and Kresge Library,” Executive Vice President Farris W. Womack said. “Other projects will modify and comprehensively upgrade two auditoriums in the Business Administration Building and the large Hale Auditorium.” These projects are estimated to cost $1,960,000.

The unfinished shelled space on the fourth floor of the School of Education Building will be remodeled for School of Information. The project will provide 14 semi-private offices, a work room and reception area, a small conference room and miscellaneous support spaces. The project is estimated to cost $600,000.

A $1.6 million project to “add a second chiller to the School of Social Work system and add a cooling tower to the roof of the adjacent School of Education. This equipment will provide cooling to parts of the third and fourth floors in the north wing of the School of Education. It will also have the capacity to provide air conditioning to all areas of the School of Education when a distribution system is installed in the future.”

$890,000 project to remodel “a major area of 35-year-old office and support space in the Hoover Building A, occupied by Facilities Planning and Design. The project will provide new barrier-free toilets and conference facilities, and upgrade computer aided design and drafting equipment to further enhance the department’s delivery of professional services.”

“A portion of the existing domestic hot water return piping in the tunnel between the Rackham Building and Hill Auditorium has leaks in a number of locations and is beyond repair. The high pressure steam line expansion joint in the tunnel is also leaking and beyond repair. The ongoing piping and expansion joint will be replaced at an estimated cost of $240,000.”

A $500,000 project to remodel approximately 3,500 square feet of existing studio space on the third floor of West Hall will provide a new colloquium room and small auditorium for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

An $800,000 project to provide renovations on the 10th floor of Wolverine Tower in two phases. “The first phase will include renovation of space for the University Treasurer’s Office and a conference facility to be shared by the Treasurer’s Office and the Development Office. The second phase will renovate additional office space and provide for basic modifications to the existing mechanical and electrical infrastructure to accommodate the new layout.”

A $658,250 maintenance project for the Harrison Street and Mill Street parking structures at the U-M-Flint.


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