Regent comments on the ‘Go Blue Guarantee’


Here is what members of the Board of Regents are saying about the “Go Blue Guarantee.”

Regent Mark Bernstein
Chair of the Board of Regents

A budget is about more than dollars and cents. It’s a moral document. It’s an expression of our hopes, our aspirations and our priorities. This budget — with the “Go Blue Guarantee” — does just that.

The “Go Blue Guarantee” is a big win for Michigan families that want a better future, and it honors students who have worked hard to achieve their dreams. The “Go Blue Guarantee” means four years of free college tuition for more than half the families in Michigan. In short, we are doing the job that Lansing and Washington have failed to do.

Today, we honor our promise to make college more affordable for families that need the most help.

We’re doing this without taking away any need-based financial aid from any family. In fact, many in-state students from families earning up to $125,000 a year are awarded scholarships and grants that pay half their tuition.

This is a transformative moment in the history of the University of Michigan and higher education — the nation is watching us.

I’m grateful to the leadership, vision and hard work of President Mark Schlissel, Interim Provost Paul Courant, Vice Provost Amy Dittmar, and, of course, my colleagues on the Board of Regents who made this guarantee a reality for the people of Michigan.

Regent Michael J. Behm

A lot of work has gone into the budget. The campaign is very bold.

Regent Shauna Ryder Diggs

This budget reflects my priorities. It invests in academic programs to keep us one of the best universities in the country and it makes a real commitment to affordability with the “Go Blue Guarantee.”

More than half the families in Michigan are now eligible to send their child to Michigan with free tuition and families who make up to $125,000 a year still get financial aid to help pay for their child’s education. U-M is the best value in the state.

Regent Denise Ilitch

I am beyond excited about our “Go Blue Guarantee.” It’s a promise to the people of Michigan that displays our deep commitment to financial aid for students and families who need it most. This will change lives forever.

Our community was again reminded of the power of the opportunities we provide at the Tony Awards on Sunday. In his acceptance speech, alumnus Gavin Creel called for the audience to create scholarships to give opportunities to students in future generations — so that the legacy and the benefits of educational access can live on forever.

Regent Andrea Fischer Newman

The state’s, and the country’s economic picture may look a little brighter this year than in past years. That does not mean we forgo our responsibility to our students, families and taxpayers who expect us to be good stewards of their hard-earned money.

And there are still going to be many families, particularly middle-class families, who will be priced out of the opportunity for the world-class education available at the University of Michigan.

While the regents, faculty and university administration have done hard work to streamline expenses and services when possible, and improve operational efficiency, this spending plan still calls for a significant increase in the tuition burden on our students and families. Michigan has the resources and the funding to do better. We all have to make choices and Michigan needs to make them, too. Michigan must remain accessible to Michigan kids from all backgrounds. 

Until we can take measures to address the spending side, I am voting no.

Regent Andrew C. Richner

Every budget comes down to tradeoffs and compromises, and I appreciate you listening to our input.

Regent Ron Weiser

I spent many hours studying, to see how to reduce in-state tuition rates. I feel there are ways to reduce without affecting university strategies. I know we all want to keep our No. 1 position. I’m hoping for fewer increases in the future.


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