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June 19, 2018

Programs help employees stay healthy during the holidays

November 7, 2016

Programs help employees stay healthy during the holidays

University faculty and staff who are looking to stay on a healthy track during the busy holiday season can choose from three seasonal offerings from MHealthy.

Registration now is open for "Health for the Holidays," a new four-week wellness campaign; the three-part MHealthy Holiday Webinar Series; and the Holiday Stop and Swap, weekly emails focused on mindful drinking.

"Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves during this hectic time of the year," says Ashley Weigl, associate director of Risk Reduction Services for MHealthy. "Planning holiday festivities, budgeting for travel or gifts, and celebrating with friends and family can make maintaining your health goals and peace of mind a challenge. Our programs offer timely information on how to enjoy the season without losing sight of your physical, mental and emotional well-being."

Health for the Holidays

Health for the Holidays, offered through MHealthy's partnership with The StayWell Co., a national provider of health improvement services, can help build sustainable habits related to physical activity, healthy eating and positivity. Over four weeks, participants record health behaviors online to accumulate snow and create an animated holiday scene.

As a bonus, those who accumulate at least one inch of snow by Nov. 20 will earn an MHealthy winter scarf. Participants can earn one inch of snow each time any of the following is achieved:

• Exercising at least 30 minutes or accumulating 6,000 or more steps in a day. Participants can sync a Fitbit or Jawbone device or manually record their exercise.

• Doing two of the following in a day: eat a healthy breakfast, have five or more servings of produce, or avoid sugared drinks or late night snacking.

• Completing a simple thing on one day that can contribute to a brighter, more cheerful outlook.

Qualifying benefits-eligible faculty and staff can register for Health for the Holidays through Nov. 20. Participants should record health behaviors Nov. 14-Dec. 11.

MHealthy Holiday Webinar Series

Sign up for one, two or all three of MHealthy's Holiday Webinar Series to get tips and strategies to maintain physical, financial or mental and emotional well-being during the holiday season. Each 30-minute webinar is led by MHealthy experts and takes place from noon to 12:30 p.m. Topics include:

• Dec. 7 — Being Generous this Season: Learn about financial planning for the holidays and review a variety of free or modest-cost gifts, for others and the participant.

• Dec. 14 — Planning for Festivities: Learn how to enjoy holiday events while being mindful of choices with food, drink and other indulgences.

• Dec. 21 — Celebrate with Energy and Cheer: Learn how to balance self-care with caring for others, and how to replace fatigue with energy and vigor.

Holiday Stop and Swap emails

Employees who would like to be more mindful of their alcohol use during the holidays, can sign up to receive weekly emails from the MHealthy Alcohol Management Program. Every Monday, beginning the week of Thanksgiving through just after the new year, participants will receive a "Holiday Stop and Swap" email that includes:

• Tips to help cut down or maybe take a break from alcohol.

• Tools and resources to help reflect on alcohol use.

• Non-alcoholic drink recipe of the week.

• Swap challenge that encourages making one positive change each week.

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