Police Beat


The University Record, February 15, 1999

Police Beat

By Rebecca A. Doyle

Stolen computer recovered

A computer missing from the Union Computing Center was recovered by Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers on Feb. 9. The computer, valued at $2,500, had been reported missing in September 1998.

Officers received information that pointed to one suspect and they obtained a search warrant for the subject’s Pittsfield Township apartment. DPS officers will seek a warrant for the arrest of the 19-year-old male, who is not affiliated with the University.

Suspect returns to scene of robbery

A man not affiliated with the University will be charged with second-degree home invasion, a felony, after he admitted to entering a Stockwell Residence Hall room and taking a Sony Playstation and games.

The female resident reported Feb. 1 that when she returned to her room she discovered her door unlocked and items missing from her room. She told DPS officers that the burglary had taken place between 1 and 2 p.m. that day. At the scene, officers were investigating footprints and fingerprints that were near and on the windowsill when the man drove up and asked what was happening. Officers questioned him and after some time, he confessed to the crime.

Robbery attempt foiled

A suspect is being sought by DPS officers in connection with the Jan. 27 attempted robbery of a physician in the M22 carport on the Medical Campus. The physician was on the way to his car when he was approached by the suspect, who told him to get in the car. The physician pushed the man away and he left. The incident is still under investigation. The assailant is reported to have had a gun.

M-Cards, parking permits are prime theft targets

DPS officer Kevin McNulty notes that a large number of thefts that are reported from both residence halls and employee cars could be prevented if people would only lock doors in both vehicles and rooms.

Items reported stolen in January include a large number of M-Cards and a large number of Blue and Gold parking permits. Staff and faculty who park in University parking lots and structures should be sure to lock their cars to avoid losing their parking permits. The individuals living in the University’s residence halls should remember that it only takes a minute for someone to slip into an unlocked room and take a wallet or M-Card.

Other items reported missing include a cell phone, pager and cordless phone. Two cordless drills and a circular saw were reported missing from a construction site at Lane Hall.


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