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The University Record, January 18, 1999

Police Beat

Man arrested in domestic assault

A University employee has been charged with domestic assault following a Jan. 12 incident in which he allegedly pushed a woman to the floor in a restroom and banged her head against the floor.

The man called the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for help when he saw she was bleeding. The couple has lived together in Ypsilanti for three years, DPS Lt. Wes Skowron said, and that is why the incident is treated as a domestic assault. Under domestic assault charges, the alleged perpetrator is automatically jailed for 20 hours.

The man is being held in the Washtenaw County jail pending a $2,000 cash bond.

DPS, Michigan State Police recover stolen prescription pads

DPS officers worked with Michigan State Police to obtain a search warrant on Jan. 5 to look for prescription pads that were reported stolen from a U-M physician’s office at University Hospital. The prescription pads were recovered from the Whitmore Lake home of a male U-M employee. DPS officers say that one prescription was filled in the Brighton area and that the man may have tried to fill others and been refused. The investigation is continuing.

15-year-old subject of probate court hearing

A 15-year-old girl who has left the Arbor Heights facility more than once will face hearings charging her with escaping. Skowron says that while authorities generally do not pursue charges in walk-away cases, the teenager made several false statements while at large that indicated she was trying to extort money. The severity of the crime for which she was being held—assault with a dangerous weapon—also influenced the decision, he said.

Jacket, keys, car stolen

A woman U-M employee called DPS for assistance after her car was taken from the West side of Zina Pitcher Place Dec. 9. The woman said she left her jacket in the lobby at Kresge Research Building with her keys in the pocket. When she came back to the lobby, her keys and car were gone. She told police she remembered two suspicious men in the lobby, but thought they were waiting for a bus.

The car was recovered in Detroit the same day and was impounded by Detroit Police. Two men were arrested and charged with larceny, possessing stolen property and unlawful driving away of an automobile. The two men, who are not affiliated with the University, currently are in custody in Detroit.

Credit card theft racks up $2,500 in charges

DPS officers are investigating a report that a purse containing identification, credit cards and a small amount of cash was stolen from a laboratory in the Natural Science Building Dec. 21. Thieves allegedly used the credit card to charge gas and other purchases at 11 locations in less than 10 hours, Skowron noted. The woman did not report the loss until Dec. 22.

Anyone who may have been a victim of credit card theft should not only call DPS or the police immediately, Skowron notes, but should contact credit card companies as soon as possible.

Markley fire routs residents

Residents of Mary Markley Residence Hall were startled from their sleep in the early morning on Dec. 17 when a 2:25 a.m. blaze awakened a student, who called DPS to report the smell of smoke.

The fire, which was confined to a basket in the waste recycling room at Markley, caused only minimal smoke damage and residents were returned to their rooms quickly.

Fake $20 bills sprout at December basketball game

Counterfeit $20 bills totaling $240 were found at the Dec. 21 basketball game in Crisler Arena, Skowron says. Marriott concession workers accepted the bills in payment for food and turned them in at the end of the game. When Marriott made its deposit, the bank found 12 counterfeit bills, several of them with the same serial number. DPS has reported the incident to the Secret Service so that government officials can check their files for other reports of similar occurrences. There have been no other reports of counterfeit bills elsewhere on campus, or at subsequent basketball games or other sport competitions in Ann Arbor.

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