Police Beat


The University Record, May 20, 1997


By Rebecca A. Doyle

Man charged in computer theft
A man who was not affiliated with the University, was charged with embezzlement in connection with the theft of a computer from the Dennison Building on May 6. The computer was recovered. He was arraigned in 15th District Court and waived a preliminary examination set for May 14. He has been bound over to the Washtenaw County Circuit Court for further proceedings.

Staff member arrested for forgery
A female staff member was arrested April 23 at her Northwood V residence and charged with both uttering and publishing and forgery, each a felony punishable by up to 14 years in prison. DPS officers say the woman forged a check for approximately $5,000 in the Nov. 29 incident.

Larceny from autos is up
DPS Capt. James Smiley urges all U-M staff, faculty and students to be careful to lock their cars and park in areas that are well-lit. Incidents of larceny from automobiles are still being reported in fairly high numbers and all members of the University community should be aware that items like radios, radar detectors and University parking permits are highly desirable for their resale value.

Nude mile draws crowd
DPS officers estimate that the crowd of onlookers attending the annual nude mile race down State St. and surrounding areas was nearly 10,000 this year, and the number of participants in the race reached 700. As a result of the crowds, one ambulance run was made, eight minors were found in possession of alcohol, 10 people were cited for parking violations, three skateboarders were detained and one person was cited for urinating in public.

DPS officers still seeking information
The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is still searching for a white male, 20-25 years of age, approximately 6′ 1″ and of medium build with slightly wavy, medium-length dark hair. He is wanted in connection with an assault that occurred at 1:45 a.m. April 28 in the Church Street parking structure

When last seen the suspect was unshaven and was wearing a dark, long-sleeved pullover shirt, dark nylon pants and dark tennis shoes.

Anyone with information is urged to contact DPS at 763-1131.

Summer safety reminders
When warmer weather prompts University employees to open windows and let the breezes in, make sure you avoid an unpleasant surprise the next morning by closing ground floor windows before you leave work for the day, notes Smiley. Bicycles are an attractive target for thieves, especially in warm weather, so be sure to lock yours even if you are going to leave it for only a minute. DPS recommends a heavy duty bike lock such as the U bar.
Vacation time is approaching for many University employees. If you are leaving home for some time, ask your postal carrier to hold your mail or make arrangements for a neighbor to pick it up for you. Don’t leave messages on your answering machine telling everyone you are out of town. Make arrangements to have lawn care done regularly so that your house does not appear empty.

Other safety tips are noted in the Campus Safety Handbook, available from DPS, 763-3434.


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