Police Beat


The University Record, October 15, 1996


By Rebecca A. Doyle

Man arrested for
receiving stolen property

A 19-year-old man who is not affiliated with the University was arrested by Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers on Oct. 6 following a routine traffic stop. The incident occurred Oct. 6 on Baxter Rd. between Huron Pkwy. and Green Road. DPS Capt. James Smiley says officers stopped the Chrysler LeBaron on a routine traffic stop and through a national computer check learned the car had been stolen in Ann Arbor. Officers arrested the man on charges of receiving and concealing stolen property over $100, a felony. He was arraigned last week and a preliminary exam was scheduled for Wednesday (Oct. 16).

Officers respond
to alarm at Arb

University police officers responded to a burglar alarm Oct. 5 at the caretaker’s house in the Arboretum. On arrival, they found broken glass and blood inside and outside the house. While they were investigating the scene, DPS received a call from the Ann Arbor Police Department that they had taken into custody a male University student who was acting strangely and had several severe cuts. The student was taken to the hospital.

The case is under review by the prosecutor and detectives who will decide whether or not charges will be filed against the student in the alleged unlawful entry at the Arb.

Two men arrested
for unlawful entry
at South Quad

Two men who are not affiliated with the University were arrested last week, one on Oct. 9 and the other Oct. 10 in connection with an unlawful entry into a student’s room in South Quadrangle Residence Hall. The men were not invited and were asked to leave but would not, says Capt. Smiley. Instead, they took a watch and compact disks from the student’s room.

The first was charged with home invasion and larceny from a building. The other was charged with home invasion, larceny from a building and 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct. All are felonies.

Entry into University residence halls is restricted to those who live or work in them and their invited guests. Outside doors to residence halls are generally kept locked after 9 p.m. but are sometimes propped open by residents or opened by those who are leaving and held open for others. DPS urges residents not to prop doors open or to leave their room doors unlocked.

“This is not like leaving their bedroom doors unlocked at home,” Smiley says. “It’s very important for students to understand that this is a different living environment.”

45-year-old man arrested
for assault with
a dangerous weapon

A 45-year-old man was arrested Sept. 26 after he allegedly pulled a knife and cut a younger man in the Thayer St. carport Sept. 26. Neither man was affiliated with the University.

The younger man and a friend had parked their car very close to the older man, and after verbal insults by both parties, the younger men left the carport. They returned a few minutes later, Capt. Smiley says, concerned about their car. More insults were traded between the young men and the older man, who was still in his car at that point, Smiley says, the older man allegedly got out of his car and attacked the young man with a knife.

The man was arraigned in 15th District Court on Oct. 2, and a preliminary examination will be held Oct. 23.


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