The University Record, December 12, 1995


By Rebecca A. Doyle

DPS seeks help in
identifying robbery suspect

DPS is seeking information about a suspect involved in an armed robbery at 4:36 a.m. Nov. 17 at East Quadrangle. A male student was accosted by two males as he entered the residence hall. The assailants asked the student what time it was and pulled a gun. A laptop computer worth $2,300 and the student’s wallet were stolen. The wallet was later recovered.

The suspects are described as white, wearing gray hats and scarves. They ran off toward the School of Business Administration Building.

Anyone with information on this crime is urged to call the Detective Bureau, 764-8559.

Woman pleads guilty
to falsifying time card

A woman affiliated with the University has pleaded guilty to larceny over $100, a felony punishable by up to four years in prison. Sentencing is set for Dec. 14. The woman originally was charged withobtaining money under fall pretenses over $100 for falsifying her time card for $7,072 over the period November 1994_October 1995.

Counterfeit tickets a problem
About one hour before kickoff at the Ohio State football game, Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers were made aware of counterfeit tickets for seats 11 and 12 in row 69, section 36. According to Capt. James R. Smiley, the two tickets originally were owned by a season-ticket holder. DPS thinks more than one person was involved in selling the tickets, as they were available at various times in front of the Michigan Union, at the Stadium gate at Main Street and Stadium Boulevard and on Madison Street.

Smiley says DPS is working with the Secret Service to determine the method used to duplicate the tickets.

The victims who have been interviewed, most of them from Ohio, paid $50_$150 per tickets and DPS knows of at least 44 victims. Smiley says that number could reach 100 or more. “Part of the problem is that some of them are reluctant to come forward and purchasing the tickets under these circumstancesscalpingis illegal in Michigan. We have gotten a number of inquiries from people in Ohio.”

Smiley notes that the problem of counterfeit tickets is not limited to football games. “It happens at other athletic events, concerts, etc.”

Fight results in arrest
but no prosecution

A fight involving three Black men that began in the Michigan Union’s first-floor men’s room moved to the front of the Union at 1:15 a.m. Oct. 31.

A pedestrian, who used the Emergency Phone in front of the Kelsey Museum to phone DPS dispatch, witnessed two males grabbing and holding the victim. One assailant reached for a firearm and then left the area, heading for the Museum of Art building. The victim, not affiliated with the University, was punched on the right side of his head and his jacket, containing two audio cassettes and house keys, was taken. According to Smiley, the case developed further over the next hour, culminating in officers spotting one of the suspects and giving chase. He was arrested about 50 minutes after the incident. The second assailant was not located.

The assailant is a juvenile not affiliated with the University. The case was taken to the prosecutor, but the victim could not be located and the prosecutor denied authorization.

Going home for the holidays? Safeguard valuables first
Noting that audiovisual and computer equipment is popular with thieves, DPS officials suggest that faculty and staff take their portable valuables, including radios, tape players or compact disc players, home for the holidays for safekeeping. Students might consider taking home these items, as well as their computers.

Portable University property, such as VCRs and cameras, should be locked in a secure closet. Any money should be locked up if it can’t be removed from the premises.

Before leaving, check to make sure all windows and doors are locked and that all coffee pots and hot plates are unplugged as well as turned off. First-floor occupants should consider closing blinds so potential thieves cannot see what is in the room.

DPS officers will be on duty during the holiday closure period, and faculty and staff who come to work during that time should have their U-M ID card and a driver’s license or second piece of identification available to show officers.

Employees in University buildings during this time period should be alert for suspicious people and take security precautions similar to those they would take if working late in the evening. Arrange to meet people at a certain time at a door. Don’t prop doors open.

To report suspicious persons or unusual activity, call DPS, 763-1131.


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