OVPR awards 12 staff members for research service, leadership


The Office of the Vice President for Research will honor 12 staff members from across the University of Michigan for their exceptional service and leadership in support of research, scholarship and creative practice.

OVPR launched its Research Staff Recognition Awards in 2001 to acknowledge the efforts and expertise of U-M employees who play an active role in university research activities and operations.

The awards were expanded last year to more broadly recognize the breadth of research staff roles at U-M — from facilities management and data analysis to administration and leadership.

“Every day, in laboratories, studios and workspaces across the University of Michigan, staff are working vigorously to catalyze, support and safeguard important activity that impacts so many aspects of our society,” said Rebecca Cunningham, vice president for research.

“Our reputation as a leading public research university is a direct reflection of our tremendous research staff, and this year’s 12 award recipients truly embody the many talented and dedicated teams that continue to drive our research enterprise to new heights.”

The award recipients listed below will be recognized May 24 at University Hall in the Alexander G. Ruthven Building.

Research Study Coordinator/Manager Staff Recognition Award

Lauren M. Smith, research area specialist senior, School of Public Health

Research Support Recognition Award

Elaine Meinzer, assistant director of research development and administration, College of Engineering

Research Staff Safeguard Recognition Award

Brian Hockley, radiopharmaceutical quality assurance manager, Medical School

Research Leadership Recognition Award

Mary Ogdahl, program manager, Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research, School for Environment and Sustainability

Research Data Management and Analysis Staff Recognition Award

Jonathan Reader, data systems manager, Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Medical School

Research Cores/Facilities Staff Recognition Award

Joanne Heerema, research technician lead, Medical School

Research Associate/Assistant/Technician Recognition Award

Anagha Tapaswi, research area specialist associate, School of Public Health

Research Administration Recognition Award

Rebecca Youmans DeMoss, research administration senior manager, Medical School

Research Administration Recognition Award

Sheree M. Temple, research administration senior manager, College of Pharmacy

OVPR Research Leadership Recognition Award

Jing Liu, executive director and assistant research scientist, Michigan Institute for Data Science, Office of the Vice President for Research

OVPR Exceptional Staff Recognition Award

John Corthell, industry relations manager, Innovation Partnerships, Office of the Vice President for Research

OVPR Exceptional Staff Recognition Award

Darlene Pennington-Johnson, export controls officer and director of Export Controls Program, Office of the Vice President for Research

The award recipients were selected by Cunningham, based on recommendations from this year’s selection committee: Jessica Durkin, Sabrina Ervin, Michael Hague, Cathy Handyside, Jill Jividen, Alex Piazza, Kelly Sexton, Danielle Sheen and Nick Wigginton, with significant contributions from Nicole Sitek and Wendi Mohl.


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