Former presidents Jimmy Carter and U-M alumnus Gerald R. Ford, who ran against one another in the 1976 presidential election, listen to a moderator during the 1983 Presidential Library Conference on the Public and Public Policy, at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library on North Campus. The two former presidents co-hosted the event, along with the Domestic Policy Association and the Ford Presidential Library. (Photo courtesy of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library)

This month in history (52 years ago)

In April 1962 the Board of Regents opened its formal meetings to the public and the press, limited only by the capacity of the Regents’ Room for seating. Requests for admission were to be made 24 hours in advance and tickets procured. Visitors could not speak or applaud. The regents hoped by this move to win greater support and understanding of the university’s needs and problems. About 40 people attended the first open meeting.

— “The Making of the University of Michigan 1817-1992” by Howard H. Peckham