In his 1940 bronze sculpture “Sunday Morning in Deep Waters,” Carl Milles depicts Father Triton and his sons on a holiday excursion. It was a gift of Charles Baird, in memory of Thomas McIntyre Cooley, professor of law and dean of the Law School. (Photo courtesy of President’s Advisory Committee on Public Art)

This month in history (177 years ago)

When the regents of the university held their first meeting in Ann Arbor, on March 6, 1837, the town in which they met was 13 years old. In most respects it was still a pioneer settlement. For a time, it marked the farthest advance of civilization across the southern peninsula of Michigan. This changed following a great wave of immigration after the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825, and Michigan’s admission as a state within 12 years.

— From “The University of Michigan, An Encyclopedic Survey.”