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June 16, 2019

New webinars demystify wearable activity trackers

April 24, 2014

New webinars demystify wearable activity trackers

The popularity of wearable activity trackers like Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike FuelBand and others have grown considerably over the last year.

In May, MHealthy is offering free webinars to help those who are interested in learning more about the features and health benefits these devices have to offer.

Wearable activity trackers are typically worn on the wrist to collect data on the user’s physical activity and daily movement.

“A lot of people have heard about or seen wearable activity trackers but still aren’t quite sure what they do,” says Brett Knight, a health educator for MHealthy. “We don’t endorse one particular product but instead help you figure out if this device is something that would work well for you and your lifestyle.”

Registration is now open. Faculty and staff can sign up for all three webinars or just one or two. They are:

• May 7: Demystifying Wearable Activity Trackers

Learn about basic functions, popular features that fit a wide range of lifestyles, and why these trackers, typically worn on the wrist, have grown so popular.

• May 14: Battle of the Activity Bands

Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, Withings — there’s a variety of brands available, each offering slightly different features, including tracking steps or calories burned, monitoring sleep, tracking nutrition and even caffeine intake. This webinar focuses on the latest and most popular activity trackers and the pros and cons of each.

• May 21: Connect & Motivate with Activity Trackers

Take a look at commonly used healthy lifestyle applications and how they can sync and enhance the user’s wearable activity tracker experience. This webinar also covers social integration and how sharing tracker stats with friends and other device users create friendly competition and motivation.   

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