New time reporting schedule for monthly-paid employees


Effective March 1, all monthly-paid campus researchers and staff who complete timesheets will begin reporting their exception time in the month in which it occurs.

“This new reporting approach offers a number of benefits to both employees and units, including more accurate, real-time sick and vacation balances, improved tracking of Family and Medical Leave Act usage, quicker responses to questions about leave balances, and more efficient vacation payouts for former employees,” said Jim Mettlach, director of payroll.

Under the current system, affected employees report their exception time in the month after it occurred. January monthly timesheets, for example, were completed in early February for processing with the February monthly payroll.

As a result of this change, timesheet data approved for the current month will be processed with that month’s payroll. For example, March vacation time will be reported in March, and processed with the March monthly payroll.

 Monthly-paid employees who work at the hospital, the Institute for Social Research, and in departments that utilize Non-instructional Research Pool Time Reports already report their exception time in the same month in which it occurs and this change will not affect them in any way.


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