New SPG focuses on fitness for duty for faculty members


A new standard practice guide spells out the criteria and process the university would use when considering the timely, administrative review of a faculty member who is unable to perform the essential functions of a faculty position, despite reasonable accommodations.

SPG 201.15-1 was issued by Provost Martha E. Pollack and took effect Tuesday.

According to the SPG, the policy can only be implemented in those situations in which “observable conduct has raised a substantial and serious question or concern whether a faculty member is physically and mentally capable of performing his or her essential functions and the faculty member believes such concern is unwarranted.”

In these situations, the faculty members may be referred for a fitness-for-duty evaluation as outlined in the SPG. The policy also spells out the steps required for taking such action, how benefits and pay are handled and how the process can be challenged through the faculty grievance process.

The new SPG regarding faculty members is related to a fitness-for-duty SPG that has applied generally to U-M employees since 2004.


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