In my room

U-M student David E. Heineman relaxes in his room at Professor Winchell’s dwelling, with Winchell’s dog “Curley,” circa 1887-97. Click the photo to view a larger version. (Photo courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library)

This year in history (91 years ago)

By 1924, more than 10,000 women had attended the University of Michigan. The 3,047 respondents to an alumnae survey that year listed 80 occupations. There were teachers and administrations in public and private schools, and instructors, assistant professors and administrators in teacher training schools throughout the nation. Other occupations listed were business, the sciences and the arts, social service, medicine, research, dentistry, engineering, law, advertising and farming. Occupations also included accountant, store manager and/or owner, economist, statistician, real estate broker, actuary, social worker, missionary, physician, dentist, pathologist, nurse, occupational therapist, laboratory technician, bacteriologist, geologist, curator, mycologist, artist, playwright, author, editor, publisher, planning engineer and farmer.

— From “Women’s Voices: Early Years at the University of Michigan,” published by the Bentley Historical Library


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