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June 17, 2019

MHealthy offers wellness programs for departments

June 4, 2014

MHealthy offers wellness programs for departments

The work environment, and the relationships created there, can play an important role in influencing healthy behaviors. To maximize their impact, MHealthy is offering three department-level wellness programs focused on nutrition, stress management and physical activity.

"Many of us work in environments that use teamwork, support and encouragement to succeed so it’s a natural fit to use this same team spirit to support reaching a common health goal," says Colleen Greene, MHealthy senior wellness coordinator. "One of the best motivators for success is having people around who understand because they are going through a similar challenge."

Department-level programs include:

• Eat Smarter Your Way — This program is for anyone who wants to eat more fruits and vegetables. Participants are encouraged to track their weekly intake of fruits, vegetables and "solid fat and added sugars" (SoFAS).

• Stress Less, Live More! — This program is designed to help participants learn to manage stress through a variety of techniques. By tracking weekly progress, they can determine which techniques work best for them.

• Just. Move. More. — This program will help participants increase their activity level. The goal is to exercise for at least 30 minutes, three or more days a week. Then, on three other days that week, exercise at least 10 minutes.

Those interested in joining a department-level program should contact their unit’s MHealthy Champion. To find a specific department’s Champion, email

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