The U-M Library will partner with the national oral history organization StoryCorps to record and preserve stories from the University of Michigan community during the Fall Festival bicentennial celebration.

StoryCorps, whose mission is to “preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world,” will visit the campus Oct. 26-28.

The library is seeking participants interested in having a conversation with a friend, classmate, family member or colleague about a meaningful experience at U-M and its lasting effect on their personal or professional lives.

“To help mark the university’s bicentennial, we’re hoping to capture some of the essence of the university’s past and present in the stories the community wants to tell, and to ensure it’s kept for future generations,” said Dean of Libraries James Hilton. He adds that the library, which sits at the virtual and physical center of campus, is an ideal venue for this kind of gathering.

StoryCorps will record the conversations, which will be archived at the Library of Congress for the benefit of future generations.

The library also plans to widely share the stories captured during the interviews in order to highlight significant and interesting aspects of the university’s past and present. Both interview partners will receive copies of the conversation.

The deadline for submitting proposals for a U-M StoryCorps conversation is Sept. 8.