Jean Loup to chair SACUA; Henry Griffin is vice chair

By Mary Jo Frank

Jean L. Loup will chair the nine-member Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) beginning May 1. SACUA Chair Henry C. Griffin will serve as vice chair.

Loup, University librarian and assistant to the dean of the University Library, and Griffin, professor of chemistry, were elected to one-year terms at the Jan. 31 SACUA meeting.

“I hope we can build a strong faculty voice; certainly that work has been started,” Loup said.

Issues she anticipates the faculty will deal with during the next year include the nature of the professoriate and salaries.

“My guess is that the salary issue isn’t going to go away and that we probably should have some frank discussions about that. There is a whole range of questions related to collegiality as well as market that we need to resolve.

“The nature of the professoriate is the other issue that comes to mind. In a changing university environment, just who are the faculty?”

Loup, who joined the U-M in 1971 as head of the Processing Section, Technical Services, has served in a variety of positions at the Library, including head of the Library Science Library and of the Documents Center, Graduate Library selector and assistant to the assistant director for public services, and coordinator of the Research Library Residency Program.

In 1989–90 she served as a visiting program officer with the Association of Research Libraries in Washington, D.C., conducting research and preparing membership briefings on critical issues facing research libraries, including telecommunications, collection development and government policies.

A former president of the U-M Chapter of the American Association of Uni-versity Professors, Loup served on SACUA in 1983–87 and was vice chair in 1986–87. She has served on a number of University committees, including the Budget Priorities Committee in 1986–89 and the Financial Affairs Advisory Committee since 1990. A member of the Academic Women’s Caucus since 1987, Loup was co-chair in 1987–89.

Senate Assembly members elected Loup to SACUA last November to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Elaine K. Didier, former director of information resources in the Kresge Business Administration Library, who became associate dean of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies.

Loup is an M-Quality team leader trainer and served on the Training Design Committee, the group charged with developing the training programs to support the University’s M-Quality initiatives.

Griffin, associate chair in the Department of Chemistry, has served as director of general chemistry and on various departmental committees, including graduate admissions, undergraduate counseling, curriculum, computer and library. In LS&A, Griffin has been a general counselor and served on the Curriculum Committee, Computer Committee and Science Learning Center Planning Committee.

He began serving a three-year term on SACUA in 1992. Griffin is a member of the Safety Review Committee (Ford Nuclear Reactor) and the Information Technology General Council. He also served on the Radioactive Drug Review Committee and is past chair of the Radiation Policy Committee.


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