IRWG collaborating with Mcubed on funding incentive


A new research incentive from the Institute for Research on Women and Gender and Mcubed seeks to build upon scholarship and research collaborations that explore topics of gender, race and sexuality.

Through this incentive, IRWG is offering Mcubed faculty collaborators additional funding to expand their research project — up to $10,000 — as well as administrative support and community-building resources.

“At IRWG we know many researchers across the U-M campuses are curious about the gender implications of their work. For example, maybe they track gender as a variable but want to understand it qualitatively as well, or they capture it in the present but want to see it historically or across cultural settings,” said IRWG Director Anna Kirkland.

“Mcubed offers researchers the startup funding they need to launch new ideas and expand their collaborations. We partnered with Mcubed because questions about gender are everywhere, and we can help existing cubes of scholars reach those questions.”

Additional resources available through the program could include Central Campus office access, meeting and event space, help with scheduling, event planning, and promotion, and access to IRWG’s Expert Advisory Panels. The panels include more than 150 faculty affiliates from a wide array of fields and expertise, who are available to review proposals, generate feedback and make connections across disciplines.

IRWG is specifically seeking interdisciplinary projects about women, gender or sexuality that are not currently funded by existing IRWG programs, or projects that could benefit from adding a perspective on gender, women or sexuality but where additional expertise is required.

Researchers who are interested in becoming active in IRWG’s network of faculty researchers through event planning, research meetings, hosting guest speakers or other similar interaction are also encouraged to apply.

Teams that received Mcubed funding in any Mcubed cycle — 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 — are eligible. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis through Sept. 25.


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