Howell will study use of medical equipment from 1925 to 1950

Joel D. Howell, associate professor of internal medicine, has received a Charles E. Culpepper Foundation Scholarship in Medical Humanities.

He will receive $30,000 per year for three years to fund his research on how American physicians used medical equipment in 1925–50. He will focus on the equipment and its capabilities as well as on the social context within which the equipment was supplied.

Howell, who also is associate professor of history and of health services management and policies, expects to write a book that will provide historical insight into why American physicians and the public so highly regard the use of medical technology.

The scholarship program is an extension of the Culpepper Foundation’s ongoing commitment to medicine and human health. The private, non-profit foundation was established under the will of the late Charles E. Culpepper, one of the early pioneers in the bottling and marketing of Coca-Cola.


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