Google Drive update to affect links to non-Google files


Google is releasing an update to Drive files on Sept. 13 that will change links used to share non-Google files — such as those in Word, Excel, JPG and PDF formats — that were created before November 2017.

The update will primarily affect faculty, staff and teams who have links to non-Google files on public websites. Google file types such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms will not be affected.

Access to files will not change for those who have already viewed them or who have direct access, but the update may cause owners of affected files to receive new file access requests.

U-M community members have begun receiving notices from Google about the update, which includes additional information about the affected files.

Information and Technology Services suggests that those receiving Google’s email notification should follow the instructions Google provides to view their affected Google Drive files. Refer to the Google Help Center for more information on the update to Google Drive links.

Madi Atkins of ITS contributed to this article.


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